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It’s a common trend in Roblox to not advertise the control scheme for your game. Often, as a new player, I’m left wondering exactly how to perform the various manoeuvres. Type Soul is no different. Fortunately for you, I’ve spent time with the Roblox RPG to bring you this complete list of Type Soul keybinds. In this guide, I’ll list the full control scheme so you know exactly how it works. If only more developers could post this in the actual game, eh?

Type Soul is a complex Roblox RPG that sees you play as a Quincy, Hollow, or Soul Reaper, battling other players and various enemies to increase in power. If you recognise a few of the words in the previous sentence, that’s likely because this game draws inspiration from the smash hit anime series, Bleach.

You can grab Type Soul on Roblox. I’ve put together a bunch more guides on this game too, including Type Soul weapons tier list, Type Soul element reroll, and Type Soul clan tier list.

Type Soul Keybinds

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the complete list of Type Soul controls. Bear in mind that some of these controls only work for certain classes, or when you have certain items. We’ve aimed to make this clear where possible.

  • Left Mouse: Attack
  • L-Shift: Hold to run
  • J: Activate your Shikai
  • CTRL + J: Activate your Bankai or second Resurrección
    • Also activates your ultimate Zanpakuto
  • Shift + Q: Toggle Flash step
  • Q: Dash
  • Z: Shikai move
  • X: Shikai move
  • C: Shikai move
  • T: Bankai move
  • G: Bankai move
  • R: Critical hit
  • N: View your inventory and skill tree
  • M: Meditate
  • P: Purify a lost soul
  • B: Grab
    • As a Hollow, you use this button to consume objects
  • V: Pick up an item
  • Comma: Use this for map markers in the Soul Society
  • L-Alt: Lock the camera
  • CTRL + K: Put on or take off your Hollow mask