Dragon Ball Legends’ April Fool’s event pits you against an iconic minor character

  • It’s April Fools, and that means phony announcements and more
  • But Dragon Ball Legends is one of many games making a real event out of them
  • You can fight the iconic farmer in a limited-time storyline with Saiyan warrior Raditz

It’s April Fool’s, and for many of us, that means useless announcements or stupid pranks. However, some games are going out of their way to make the wildest, and wackiest events come to life in honour of this holiday. And the latest of them to do so is Dragon Ball Legends; pitting everyone’s least-favourite Saiyan against their favourite farmer.

Debuting alongside Raditz, Goku’s brother, in some of the earliest chapters that marked the shift of Dragon Ball from wuxia fantasy to sci-fi action; the nameless farmer has become an icon of the series. Lasting for only a few seconds of screentime and a few pages, the nameless farmer was the first earthling Raditz would meet, and his attempt to off the would-be-conqueror with a faceful of buckshot failed miserably.

Despite, or perhaps because of this dismal showing, the farmer has become an iconic character. But this limited-time event lets you take on the Farmer in a kooky, nightmarish story for Raditz that pits him against rapidly more powerful versions of this blue-collar worker. What exactly is he going to do when faced with a level 500,000 farmer instead?

Bought the farm

— DRAGON BALL LEGENDS (@DB_Legends) April 1, 2024

The event will let players duke it out with the Farmer, allowing them to collect straw hats and unlock exclusive rewards, including a new title to mark their mastery of agrarian matters. Oh, and if that’s not enough there’s also Raditz, with an event-exclusive version that boosts your team with an uncancellable +30% DMG boost. Why not check out our tier list of Dragon Ball Legends characters?

But Dragon Ball Legends isn’t the only game debuting a limited-time April Fool’s event with real rewards. Over in creature-collecting land, Pokemon Go is giving each player an ‘excellent’ rating for each throw above nice, as well as other limited-time research and field events.

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