The Finals fans are divided over huge change in new update

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Embark Studios releases new updates for The Finals on an almost weekly basis, and a new patch has been delivered today. There are no buffs or nerfs to weapons, but there are lots of bug fixes and necessary quality-of-life improvements. In addition, there are changes to contracts, and one huge change has divided The Finals community.

You can find the full update 2.4.0 patch notes online. In conjunction with this update, Embark has begun a new community event that allows fans to win a unique new Hi-Fi Boombox and individual rewards. Alongside this fresh community event, don’t forget to grab the rare Skill Issue skin as time is running out to unlock a redeem code.

While the patch notes don’t include any buffs or nerfs to weapons, they do include dozens of necessary bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements that should make fans happy. They also change some of the more controversial contract challenges, and The Finals fans are divided over what Embark has done.

The Finals fans divided over contracts change

The Finals update 2.4.0 has delivered the following changes to Contracts in the newly released update 2.4.0:

  • Replaced “Win 1 Tournament” with “Deal 750 Fire Damage to Opponents” in Circuit 1, Stage 3
  • Reduced “Deal 5000 damage with grenades” to 2500 in Circuit 1, Stage 1 
  • Reduced “Get 11 kills in one round” to 6 in Circuit 1, Stage 4

We previously reported that fans were not happy with the ‘Win 1 Tournament’ challenge. There was the complaint that Embark was forcing fans to play Ranked, and there was also the complaint that the challenge was just inaccessible as finding ranked tournaments in Asia and OCE was considered basically impossible.

Now that the challenge has been replaced, there is some division amongst the community. It seems players are generally more favorable of the challenge being replaced, but there are some people arguing in opposition.

Discussing how the Win 1 Tournament challenge has been replaced on Reddit, some of the replies are happy with the change but express disappointment with the replacement. One of the top replies understands changing the challenge is good because of the region issue, but they argue that the 750 fire damage is too easy and should’ve instead been replaced with something aching to ‘win three rounds of Cashout’.

Another reply echoes the same sentiment saying ‘Okay, maybe win 1 tournament was a bit strong for a relatively early challenge… but 750 fire damage is like 2 pyro grenades’. More replies suggest there needs to be harder challenges to make the rewards more meaningful.

Away from constructive criticism about the replacement challenge being too easy, some replies just attack the community accusing fans of being crybabies about the Win 1 Tournament challenge while suggesting that its removal is an example of why Embark shouldn’t always listen to fans.

Overall, the change is probably for the best as, away from just being brutally difficult, winning one tournament was impossible for many players in other regions because of accessibility reasons. Delivering 750 fire damage is likely way too easy, but an early challenge being way too easy is better than a challenge being impossible to even try.

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