Torchlight: Infinite unveils new Whispering Mist update

  • Explore the eldritch location of Mistville in Torchlight: Infinite’s new update
  • Spend sanity and explore to acquire massive loot drops
  • Deduct and solve mysteries for even further rewards in Whispering Mist!

Torchlight: Infinite has unveiled its upcoming update Whispering Mist as well as new details about the mechanics being introduced. Tasking you to journey to the desolate and dangerous realm of Mistville, you’ll consume your sanity in order to contine your adventures within the realm, balancing the danger of losing it all by keeping yourself well-supplied for the trip ahead. As unveiled in the exclusive livestream, Whispering Mist is set to arrive April 18th.

By defeating Mistville residents your character will become ‘infected’ and when that infection finally takes its course you can interact with the Mistville trader to explore this forgotten realm. You’ll encounter strange locations as you explore each cell of the town, including acquiring food and other consumables that can increase drop-rates of loot or reduce the cost to your sanity from the exploration.

Lose your mind, eat your crew

Those of us familiar with games like Sunless Sea or Cultist Simulator are probably already getting flashbacks to losing our characters to the ever-present spectre of insanity. It’s clear that Whispering Mist is drawing a lot of inspiration from the eldritch and Lovecraftian elements, what with slowly losing your sanity as you explore the realm of Mistville.

Add onto that the ‘detective’ elements, the possibility of insane (pun intended) loot drops the longer you survive and it’s clear that Mistville and the Whispering Mist update is aimed squarely at appealing to the most hard-core players who are looking for a new challenge, and valuable loot commensurate with the risk.

You can check out the details on Torchlight’s official site, including tweaks to existing hunters and other minutiae.

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