Roblox Marketplace opens up, outlining eligibility criteria for hopeful sellers | Pocket

Roblox is bringing the ability to create and sell on Marketplace to more people this week with new details revealed, moving from an application-only process to one with outlined requirements for eligibility.

This means more users will be able to create clothing and other 3D items to sell from Roblox Marketplace, generating new revenue possibilities for users and the platform itself.

Such a change was teased at last year’s Roblox Developer Conference and the requirements have now been unveiled: creators must be ID-verified, have Robux Premium 1000 or 2200, and follow Community Standards and Marketplace Policies.

Provided users tick those boxes, they will be welcome to create, upload and sell on Roblox.

Even MORE to buy

The Roblox platform’s active playerbase comprises an enormous 71 million people every day, so enabling more of those users to create and sell is sure to bring in even more revenue for the gaming goliath. Not only that, it marks another step towards leveraging user-generated content to its fullest – coming shortly after plans for short-form videos on the platform were announced.

“Roblox’s job is to give creators the tools to make the experiences, avatars, clothing, and other items for users connect with,” the company stated.

In addition to generating more money for Roblox, expanding Marketplace eligibility is also meant to enhance users experiences; for the creators, more of them will be able to earn money from what they make, meanwhile players will have a vast array of new customisation options to choose from – provided they have the cash.

Marketplace has been around in Roblox since 2019 and has slowly expanded over the years, but this more open approach with clear user requirements could have huge implications for the platform’s earning potential.

According to Roblox VP of economy Enrico D’Angelo, players bought almost 1.6 billion fashion items in the first nine months of 2023 alone, while brand partners sold 27 million items through the full year.

“We want Marketplace to be a more inspiring, personalised, and social shopping experience than ever before. In the coming year, we’ll expand what’s available there beyond individual items and focus on developing an avatar-first shopping experience,” he said.

“Opening up creation isn’t only a win for creators, but for users too. It’s just the first step in making Marketplace a home for more diverse expression for users. With more creators around the world creating items for avatars, users will find 3D items that represent who they want to be in the virtual world.”

The sheer size of Roblox’s audience has certainly captivated many brands, with Spin Master’s Bakugan toyline having brought a new experience to Roblox last year and even debuted its Netflix anime in-platform.