Chucklefish announces launch date of their roguelike deck builder Wildfrost for mobile

Chucklefish, the indie London-based team we probably all know from developing Terraria or their stint publishing Stardew Valley, has revealed the mobile release date for roguelike deck-builder Wildfrost. Developed by Gaziter and Deadpan Games, the sun has frozen over, and the world is in peril.

Wrap up warm as you will find yourself in a barren, frozen landscape, armed only with a deck of cards as you venture forth to try to reclaim this world that the titular Wildfrost has overtaken by reaching the Sun Temple. The only thing stopping this icy menace from engulfing all is the small village of Snowdwell and its hardy inhabitants.

At the start of each of your adventures, you can pick one of the many unique leaders from a variety of different tribes to build your deck around. To keep every playthrough unique these characters will receive randomised stats and skills. What stays the same however is the plethora of card companions you can collect.

Each of these creatures is adorably illustrated and comes with their own health, attack, and skills, such as the Big Berry, a giant hulking brute who heals whenever they vanquish a foe. You can also augment these with a host of charms to add extra power or special effects, perfect for when you start encountering the game’s indomitable bosses, like the incredibly tanky Muttonhead.

Luckily, Wildfrost hosts a dynamic counter system for you to get to grips with, and when you do, you will be dishing out enough damage to fell any foe foolish enough to face you. But on the off chance, or rather when, you do succumb to their frozen tundra, you can return to Snowdwell to recover, unlock cards, upgrade the town for perks, and prepare yourself for another expedition to the fabled Sun Temple.

Wildfrost will be available to purchase on Android and iOS for $6.99 from April 11th.