Valve Introduces Steam Game Recording, Confirms Steam Deck Support

Valve has announced Steam Game Recording, a long requested feature that’s finally available to Steam users in beta, allowing you to use the Steam overlay to record gameplay footage of the games you’re playing, create clips from the footage you’re recording, and share clips with your friends.

Game Recording comes with a number of different features, chief among them being the ability to choose between two different recording options. There’s the Background Recording mode, which constantly records gameplay footage of any game you play via the Steam overlay, and On Demand Recording, which only begins recording once you manually turn it on.

On each clip and recording, you’ll also find timeline markers denoting several in-game events. Games that support the feature will come with specific timeline markers of their own, but otherwise, you can expect markers for all games with things such as unlocking Achievements or taking screenshots. You can also add your own markers, while the timeline itself also includes additional information about, say, whether you were in gameplay, menus, or a lobby at a specific point.

Additionally, Valve has also confirmed that Game Recording is Steam Deck Verified, which means the feature is completely optimized for the handheld device.