Stumble Guys tries to catch up to the hype with upcoming Fallout collaboration

Do you remember when the Fallout TV series launched on Amazon and everyone nearly lost their minds? Well, it appears that Scopely missed that particular craze, and only now are we going to get a Fallout crossover, and by now, I mean in version 0.73.

Right now, the Looney Tunes crossover is still going on, and I maintain that will forever be peak Stumble Guys, it just fits. For now, you can still join in the new Special Delivery mission, grab the Backfired Elmer emote, or deck yourself out in the full Bugs Bunny outfit. With the correct white gloves, not this New Looney Tunes yellow glove garbage.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and at least we are having a follow-up with a smash hit series. As you might expect we will be getting some Fallout skins, including the iconic Vault Dweller with a 76 suit, and the monstrous Deathclaw. Imagine having that running at you as you try to evade obstacles, it’s over. You can even get a Pip-Boy skin with the VATS limb aiming health bars floating around it.

If you want to show off your SPECIAL Agility, you can pick up the Nuka Balance emote, which pretty much does what it says. I would like to see a Deathclaw balancing on a Nuka Cola bottle. There is also the ever-recognisable Vault Boy thumbs up, perfect to whip out after causing someone’s demise.

It wouldn’t be Fallout if we couldn’t get some form of nuclear explosions in there. The Fat Boy animation has you pull out that famous weapon of mass destruction, before seeing it promptly explode in your hands. For some more reliable demolitions, the Nuke’s footsteps will literally see destruction follow in your wake.

Stumble Guys is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.