Born Conquerors In The Series


  • Zoro, Ace, Hancock, Big Mom, Kaido, Oden, Blackbeard, Shanks, Roger, and Luffy share the spirit of conquerors in One Piece.
  • The ambition and drive of these individuals have propelled them to great heights in the world of One Piece.
  • Each character mentioned has a unique backstory that shaped them into the powerful conquerors they are in the series.

The world of One Piece has seen the introduction of quite a lot of powerful individuals over the years. While the series has absolutely no shortage of them, there is a special crop in this group who are known to be born conquerors.


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These individuals are destined for greatness from the beginning as they show incredible ambition right from the get-go. More often than not, these individuals end up reaching incredible heights and establish themselves as prominent figures on the high seas.

10 Roronoa Zoro

The Three Sword Style Swordmaster

Zoro vs Mihawk most important fights in the final saga

Zoro is the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates and certainly one of the most powerful individuals in the entire series. Fans know Zoro to be quite an ambitious individual. Right from the beginning, Zoro was aiming to become a skilled swordsman and his promise with Kuina was one that saw him aim for the title of the World’s Strongest Swordsman.

Ever since then, Zoro has been aiming for greatness, and with each passing arc, he’s getting closer to his goal. Zoro was clearly a born conqueror and this ambition of his has manifested as Conqueror’s Haki recently.

9 Portgas D. Ace

The Pirate King’s Son

Portgas D Ace trained by Garp One Piece

Ace was the son of the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and as such, it is easy to see how he was a natural-born conqueror. Ace was blessed with tremendous powers right from the get-go. Even when it came to his ambition, Ace wanted to surpass the legacy that was left behind by his father.

While he certainly did not get to do that, Ace did establish himself as a very powerful individual and showcased why he was a force worthy to be feared in the New World.

8 Boa Hancock

The Snake Princess

boa-hancock one piece new members of cross guild

The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock always handles herself with incredible confidence, which likely stems from her belief in herself. Hancock is a born leader and a conqueror, and that is precisely why she was able to become a very powerful pirate by the age of 18.

Hancock also received the position of Shichibukai after just one voyage, which just goes to show the limitless potential she carries.

7 Big Mom

The Monstrous Calamity Turned Yonko

Big Mom powering herself up with her own Devil Fruit.

Big Mom was a monstrous force right from the get-go. In fact, her parents abandoned her because she was too much of a threat to anyone around them. Big Mom was simply way too powerful for anyone to contend with even when she was a child.

She defeated Jorul when she was five, and, ever since then, only went on to achieve great things. Eventually, Big Mom became one of the Yonko, which saw her fulfilling her potential as a conqueror.

6 Kaido

The Warmonger Yonko

Kaido staring menacingly.

The King of Beasts, Kaido was born in a wartorn country where he was used as a mercenary. Clearly, only the most traumatized children survive through something like this, and the fact that Kaido actively sought more even at that age is proof of the fact that he was attracted to the idea of strength and asserting his authority.


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Kaido was a natural-born leader and a conqueror, and this conqueror’s spirit in him increased as he continued on his journey, eventually making him a Yonko of the Sea.

5 Oden

Wano’s Legendary Warrior

Kozuki Oden from One Piece

The prodigal son of Wano, Oden was born as a legendary child who did things that were unheard of. Oden is certainly one of the finest examples of born conquerors in One Piece. Even at the age of 18, Oden was tremendously powerful, and incredibly charming.

When he went on to journey across the world, his conqueror spirit grew and his charisma did as well. Undoubtedly, Oden was one of the most incredible characters in One Piece.

4 Blackbeard

The Scheming Yonko

Blackbeard holding up his two Devil Fruits

Blackbeard is one of the end-game characters that Oda is going to focus on quite a lot in the Final Saga, and given his importance as an Emperor of the Sea, it’s no surprise for the fans to know that he possesses a tremendous conqueror’s spirit.

Blackbeard was a born conqueror and there is absolutely no denying that fact, even though he does not have Conqueror’s Haki at this point. Blackbeard laid out a careful plan and succeeded in pulling it off, which shows that he is a very shrewd individual.

3 Shanks

Roger’s Very Own Apprentice

Shanks with a scar over his eye

Born as a Celestial Dragon, Shanks was already a conqueror right from when Roger found him, and training under the Pirate King only strengthened him even further. Shanks was Roger’s apprentice for the longest time, and was even touted to be the next Pirate King.

He is an incredible character who can be considered to be the strongest in the world right now. Shanks was always destined for greatness as a conqueror.

2 Roger

The Pirate King

Gol D Roger laughing at execution

The former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was a man with immense charisma and incredible dreams. Roger wanted to turn the world upside down and he certainly succeeded in doing that.

His amazing passion and spirit as a conqueror are what allowed him to complete the circumnavigation of the entire globe and reach a final island, Laugh Tale.

1 Luffy

The Warrior Of Liberation

Luffy orders Jinbei after Wholecake

The protagonist of the series, Luffy is an individual who values freedom above everything else, and he would certainly not call himself a conqueror. However, Luffy certainly does possess the spirit of a conqueror, as he has tremendous ambition, which surpasses even becoming the Pirate King.

When it comes to ambition, dreams, and conqueror’s spirit, there is no individual in One Piece who matches Luffy.

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