Helldivers 2 player has a great tip for the new Heavy Machine Gun

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Helldivers 2 has a large selection of weapons to choose from, and the game received two more earlier this week with Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun. These two weapons are aimed towards being able to take down the Automatons, which comes at a perfect time as players have recently been liberating planets occupied by the robots after spending the past few weeks focused on the Terminids.

In a post on Reddit, players discussed the major flaw with the Heavy Machine Gun in that its recoil is one of the worst seen in the game. To counter this, one suggestion is to turn its firing speed to the maximum so that the bullets fire so fast that the gun doesn’t have time to recoil. Another complaint from u/MalakithAlamahdi is that it is forced first-person whereas many other machine guns in the game allow for third-person combat. This was echoed by many others in the community, with u/Dssurge saying “All the sights are just hot garbage and obstruct far too much of your view.”

Image captured by VideoGamer.

Despite its flaws, players have been enjoying it, with u/Sea-Elevator1765 noting that it can shoot through the armor of Walkers, which makes it very useful. U/SummerCrown suggested improving the weapon by equipping armor that grants a 30% reduction in recoil while crouching or prone, this makes the weapon a lot more stable and useable at a lower RPM while still “shredding Berserkers and Devastators like they are nothing.” The Heavy Machine Gun does have its uses, but with many other established weapons in the meta, it seems that the weapon won’t become a fan favorite unless a Helldiver discovers a new use case that makes it outshine the other choices available.

With the Heavy Machine Gun not being as good as players had hoped for, you will likely have to look elsewhere to create the perfect Helldiver. To create the best loadout possible to take on the Terminids and Automatons, especially as the next Major Order has players liberating the Tibit to “severely impact the enemy’s force replenishment capacity,” we recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides to help you choose the right loadout for your play style.