MLB Perfect Inning 24 introduces Corey Seager in latest season update

  • New Corey Seager card with improved stats
  • SE Prime Legend Cards featuring some of the biggest names in baseball history
  • Overhauled multiplayer modes and new Battle Slugger tournament

Com2uS has just released a major seasonal update for MLB Perfect Inning 24, which brings a legendary player into the mix. Corey Seager, the standout shortstop for the Texas Rangers and a two-time World Series MVP, takes centre stage as the Featured Athlete of this patch. Seager’s arrival ushers in the new season with a variety of exciting additions, including a fresh set of Special Edition cards and overhauled multiplayer modes.

In MLB Perfect Inning 24’s latest update, Corey Seager can be seen starring on the title screen. His card offers better stats than the previous season, making it a must-have for you. On top of that, the baseball sim will also introduce a brand-new set of Special Edition cards, including legendary Major League players such as Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Yogi Berra, and Randy Johnson. These SE Prime Legend Cards come with more skill slots and stat boosts, allowing you to achieve the highest level of performance.

You can make use of these new cards in the revamped multiplayer modes, which aim to make matches more thrilling. Showcase your talent in the Battle Slugger mode, a hitting competition with both Single Battle and PvP modes. You can enter the contest by purchasing Battle Slugger Tickets. Single Battle rewards points based on hitting distance and mission completion over a week, while PVP Battle introduces an HP gauge mechanic, which must be depleted like in fighting games to win.

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The game further receives real-time updates to reflect the 2024 MLB season more accurately. From team uniforms to stadiums, game schedules, audiences, and scenes, everything will be identical in-game. To celebrate the season’s opening, a Daily Login Event and Guide Missions have also been organised, providing useful items for everyone.

Add Corey Seager to your squad by downloading MLB Perfect Inning 24 now for free.