iOS 18 update rumors: Release date, features, and more

Apple’s next annual iOS update, iOS 18, is several months away, but it’s never too early to start talking about it.

Yes, rumors are already flying around about iOS 18, the theoretical follow-up to last year’s iOS 17 update. I say “theoretical” because Apple has yet to publicly talk about it, but you can rest easy knowing it’ll almost certainly come out at some point this year. And when it does, it may or may not be a total overhaul of the iOS experience (more on this later).

Here’s everything we know about iOS 18 so far.


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iOS 18 release date

This part is easy. Even with no confirmation from Apple, we can safely assume iOS 18 will launch in September, around the same time as the also-unconfirmed iPhone 16.

That’s because every new version of iOS launches in September, around the same time as the new iPhone. Unlike MacBooks and iPads, iOS release dates are

iOS 18 features

However, that predictability is a little less reliable when it comes to talking about what, exactly, iOS 18 will bring to the table.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple prognosticator, reported in January that iOS 18 will “one of the biggest” updates in iOS history. His report came with very little in the way of what that actually means for users, but in a more recent Power On newsletter, Gurman hedged a bit by saying iOS 18 probably won’t be a “total overhaul” meant to mirror the Vision Pro’s operating system.

Artificial intelligence

Still, Gurman has given us a little bit to work with. Expect iOS 18 to have some kind of emphasis on AI, generative or otherwise. This could mean improvements to Siri as well as AI integration into Messages and other built-in iOS apps. Perhaps Messages could proofread your texts for you, or Safari could summarize webpages. These features would be in line with what Samsung and Google have done with their most recent flagship devices.

RCS messaging standard

Aside from that, the best prediction we can make regarding iOS 18 is that texting with Android users will probably be a better experience. That’s because Apple already confirmed it will adopt the Rich Communication Services (or RCS) messaging standard starting this year. Android and iOS users will finally be able to see typing indicators, read receipts, and other small conveniences when texting each other.

Apple’s next iteration of iOS is several months away from even being shown off, much less released. However, Gurman has given us enough iOS 18 rumor fodder to keep us satiated until its expected September launch.


When it comes to accessibility features, which includes settings that better support your vision, mobility, hearing, and cognitive needs, iOS 18 is reportedly getting some enhancements.

First up is Live Speech. This perk, which lets you type what you want to say before it gets read aloud, is getting a new “Categories” feature, according to MacRumors.

With this new functionality, you’ll now have the option to organize frequently used or favorite phrases into categories of your choice.

Secondly, rumor has it that Apple is rolling out “Adaptive Voice Shortcuts,” which lets you map custom phrases to a specific accessibility feature. As such, if you say a specific custom phrase, you should be able to launch the accessibility feature that you linked it to.

More customizable Home Screens

Historically, Apple hasn’t really let iPhone Home Screen customization roam free, aside from giving users the ability to move icons around. But according to MacRumors, Apple could roll out a Home Screen refresh with iOS 18, with users reportedly to be given more freedom with icon arrangement — and per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, more customization could also be coming for Lock Screens too.