The Finals devs issues statement after fan favorite mode returns

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The Finals recently saw its Season 2 launch which brought with it a brand new map, new weapons, abilities, and more. Since then there has already been one new update that added new content and brought some balancing changes. Embark Studios has shed some light on what to expect as The Finals gears up for its second update of the season.

One of the main changes that will be seen in the update is the return of the Cashout game mode, a casual 3v3v3v3 mode that sees players try and collect the most cash by eliminating players and opening vaults. It is an incredibly exciting mode and a fun change of change. However, it will come at the expense of the Bank It and Unranked Tournament modes.

In a statement released on Discord, Embark Studios revealed what to expect saying,

“It’s high time for a mode shuffle, and we wanted to let you know in advance of this week’s update that some changes are coming!

First up: Cashout is back! The casual 3v3v3v3 mode will return to the Arena! It’s a great way to warm up for a ranked tournament or to fit a quick round in at lunch!

Leaving the stage: Bank It and Unranked Tournament. We see the fewest people in these two modes, so we’ve decided to put them in the vault for now to make room! If you and your group of friends are passionate about Bank It, do not fret, you can still play in Private Matches!

We don’t normally announce things in advance, but we wanted to give you some time to play the outgoing modes. And don’t worry, they aren’t gone forever! There’s more to look forward to in this week’s update, including a pretty egg-cellent holiday event, so stick around for more information on that later this week!”

Despite the Season 2 hype dying down, The Finals still regularly sees over 20,000 concurrent players on Steam and some players have called it the best shooter on the market today. The Finals is also available to play on PlayStation and Xbox. If you haven’t jumped into this free-to-play shooter yet, now is a great time to do so and we recommend checking out our guides for the best The Finals light builds, medium builds, and heavy builds so you can figure out the best loadout for your play style.