The Nameless Village Quest Guide

The early-game sections of Dragon’s Dogma 2 feature several quests given to the player by Captain Bradnt. These quests help establish the tone of the game, and teach players how to navigate the world they’ll be exploring. Like the rest of Dragon’s Dogma 2, these quests still provide players with unique challenges that can sometimes be tricky to complete.

‘The Nameless Village’ is part of this first wave of quests that players receive in Vernworth. Here, the Arisen is tasked with seeking out information about the false Sovran, chiefly through investigating the village associated with their past. Beneath the surface of what appears to be a simple quest, players will find several challenges waiting for them. This guide will guide players through ‘The Nameless Village,’ revealing everything hidden behind its misty visage.


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How to Start The Nameless Village in Dragon’s Dogma 2


‘The Nameless Village’ is part of the second wave of missions that Captain Brandt gives to the player at The Stardrop Inn. After completing ‘Monster Culling,’ head back to Captain Brandt and report completion. He will then have more dialogue options, including an option that focuses on telling the player about the ‘False Sovran.’

Choosing this option will initiate ‘The Nameless Village.’

How to Complete The Nameless Village in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Where is the Nameless Village?


The Nameless Village is located on the eastern edge of Vermund. If players have a pawn that can guide quests, they should be able to provide the best path to travel.


It is possible that pawns will take players through the Eastern Forest, which sits right on the edge of the Nameless Village. Players will likely be entering this area for the first time, and the section that players will traverse contains a Minotaur. These extremely aggressive monsters can be extremely dangerous for low-level players. It is possible to simply run past the encounter if it seems like the challenge is too tough. The village entrance is just beyond the Minotaur, and will provide a safe haven for players who are near-death after the encounter.

Meeting the Villagers:

The first task to complete in ‘The Nameless Village’ is speaking to the townspeople, and asking about ‘Arthur.’ There are several people in town, both indoors and out, that will offer players guidance. Ultimately, players will be pointed towards the ‘Old Noble Manor’ that sits at the northern edge of the town. Head there to continue the quest.

Inside ‘Old Noble Manor’:


Inside the manor, players will encounter Flaude. At first, he seems like an unassuming older man, simply living here in the middle of nowhere. However, after speaking to him, it turns out that he claims to be the Thief-Maister. At the end of the conversation, he will give the player the scroll that leads to Blades of the Pyre – one of the special skills available to the Thief vocation. Unfortunately, he does not reveal any information regarding Arthur – or anything else.

Complete the Course and Find the Real Thief-Maister:

The game gives players no real guidance here, aside from the yellow circle that marks the quest. To move forward, players must find a secret underground chamber that sits just north of the manor. Head out to the woods and look in the area marked on the above map. In this underground chamber, players will find an obstacle course that is used to train thieves. Completing the course will lead to the real Thief-Maister, Srail. Speaking to him will reveal that ‘Arthur,’ the false Sovran, is actually a former thief named Darragh. The key quest item players will receive is a bill of arrest for Darragh, which the player must take to Captain Brandt. As a reward for reaching him, Srail will give players one of the most powerful skills in the game: Formless Feint.

Search Darragh’s House and Return to Vernworth:

Check the map above to see the exact location of Darragh’s home in Nameless Village. Make sure to grab the letter that sits on the desk. Once that is in hand, players are free to head back to Vernworth to report to Captain Brandt. This is the end of ‘The Nameless Village.’

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