Strongest One Piece Characters


  • One Piece is a must-read for manga fans due to its incredible world-building, storyline, and impressive characters.
  • Characters like King, Sanji, and Rob Lucci possess extraordinary powers and strengths, making them stand out.
  • Stay patient and trust Oda as new characters are introduced who may claim the title of the strongest in One Piece.

One Piece is among the most popular shonen series of all time. It started serializing in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997, and since then it has become a must-read for any manga fan. Aside from its incredible world-building and storyline, One Piece also boasts of having some very impressive characters.


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These characters manage to stand out from the rest due to their personalities, and powers. They are extremely strong, and many of them have the ability to wipe out islands on their own. With that in mind, here are the strongest characters in One Piece.

Updated on March 24, 2024, by Suzail Ahmad: One Piece’s Egghead arc has given fans a taste of what they can expect from the subsequent arcs. Already, fans have seen the powers of the Five Elders, who had previously only made a handful of appearances in the story. This is a sign that things are more serious than ever in One Piece. After the reveal of the powers of the Five Elders, there are only a few characters in the story who have yet to show off their true strength.

Fans just need to stay patient and trust Oda. So far, the author has not disappointed the audience, and it is fair to say that he will keep on providing one moment of brilliance after another. As Oda introduces more new characters, they will likely make a claim for the title of the strongest character in One Piece.

Only characters who are alive have been included in the list.

26 King

Strengths: Special Lineage, Devil Fruit

Unmasked King Staring At Zoro In One Piece

King was the right-hand man of Kaido. In the past, he was a test subject for the World Government. King was subjected to all kinds of experiments by scientists as they wanted to utilize his Lunarian lineage. Thankfully, he broke out with Kaido, after which he became his most loyal follower.

King ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon, an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allowed him to turn into a prehistoric predator. King could fly at blistering speeds, which made it difficult for his opponents to land a hit on him. King’s other physical attributes were on a different level from those of most characters in the series. He was so resilient that Zoro had to use an attack powered by Conqueror’s Haki to cut him.

25 Sanji

Strengths: Genetic Powers, Intelligence

Sanji Using Ifrit Against Queen In One Piece's Wano Arc

Sanji is the third-strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlike his fellow Monster Trio members, Sanji is smart. On various occasions, Sanji’s intelligence has helped him and the rest of the crew get out of tricky situations.

Sanji’s physical strength is also extremely impressive. He was able to defeat Queen, an All-Star with minimal effort. Sanji’s speed and stamina have also improved ever since he awakened his latent genetic powers. However, Sanji still needs to improve his Haki control before he can fight the bigger names in One Piece.

24 Rob Lucci

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Rokushiki

Rob Lucci member of CP0

Despite his failure in Enies Lobby, Rob Lucci was promoted to CP0, and that too as a masked agent. From a young age, Lucci trained hard to become a hardened killer. In time, he mastered the Rokushiki and combined it with his Devil Fruit power.

Lucci’s Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard is a carnivorous Zoan-type Devil Fruit. This gives him more attacking power than a herbivorous Zoan. Over the years, Lucci has participated in many battles, which has helped him gain valuable experience. It also enabled him to awaken his Devil Fruit.

23 Crocodile

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki

Crocodile in One Piece

Crocodile is one of the two leaders of the Cross Guild. He was the main antagonist in the Alabasta arc. Crocodile is extremely cunning, and he was able to trick the entire Kingdom of Alabasta into believing that Cobra was responsible for the lack of rain.

Crocodile also possesses the Suna Suna no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, which allows him to create and control sand. Using his powers, Crocodile can drain moisture from the body of a person, leaving them on the cusp of death. He can also create strong sand storms that can send opponents flying. Since Crocodile has been in the Grand Line for such a long period of time, he should have access to at least two types of Haki.

22 Roronoa Zoro

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Haki, Endurance

Zoro channeling his Haki

Roronoa Zoro is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the second-strongest fighter in the crew after Luffy. Zoro’s physical abilities are way above those of an ordinary human. He defeated enemies even when he had massive wounds on his body.

Zoro is renowned for his swordsmanship. He utilizes the three-sword style and combines it with Busoshoku Haki to take down his opponents. Zoro possesses Haoshoku Haki, but he has yet to master it completely. As the story continues, Zoro will become more adept at handling this power, which will increase his overall strength.

21 Boa Hancock

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki

pirate empress boa hancock

Boa Hancock, also known as the Pirate Empress, is the captain of the Kuja Pirates. She is the ruler of Amazon Lily, making her the person with the highest authority. Boa Hancock possesses the Mero Mero no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, which allows her to petrify living and non-living things.

Hancock is also a user of all three types of Haki, so it is hardly surprising why she is considered one of the most powerful individuals in One Piece. Her strength has been acknowledged by the likes of Sengoku, Blackbeard, and Koby. Another testament to Hancock’s skill is her bounty of 1,789,000,000 berries. It is important to remember that Hancock earned this bounty without being affiliated with any Yonko or organization, like the Cross Guild.

20 The Seraphim

Strengths: Enhanced Bodies, Devil Fruits, Lasers

seraphim one piece 1070

The Seraphim have been created by Dr. Vegapunk. The scientist used the Lineage Factor of the former Shichibukai and the Lunarians to create them. So far, four Seraphim have been revealed: S-Hawk, S-Snake, S-Bear, and S-Shark. The Lunarian traits increase the physical abilities of the Seraphim significantly.

A single slash from S-Hawk was enough to slice the mountain on Amazon Lily. When it comes to resilience, the Lunarian Lineage Factor comes in handy once again. They were able to withstand blows from Lucci, Luffy, Kaku, and Zoro. The Seraphim also possess devil fruits, which makes them even more dangerous.

19 Ben Beckman

Strengths: Intelligence, Haki

Ben Beckman strongest one piece characters

Ben Beckman is Shanks’ right-hand man. Unlike his captain, Ben Beckman comes off as a more serious and rational person. According to Oda, Ben Beckman has the highest IQ out of any character from East Blue. This puts him above the likes of Nami, Sanji, Captain Kuro, etc.

Ben Beckman’s fighting prowess remains a mystery, but it is highly likely that he is a competent fighter. His presence in Marineford was enough to stop Kizaru from rampaging, which says a lot about his power. Ben Beckman carries a gun, but he has yet to use it in battle. Given the fact that One Piece is in its final saga, it won’t be long before he demonstrates his skill with the weapon.

18 Marco

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki

Marco Using His Phoenix Form At Marineford In One Piece

Marco is one of the few surviving members of the Whitebeard Pirates. He was fiercely loyal to his captain, and he didn’t leave his side until the very end. He joined the crew when he was still young, and his skills improved over time. Marco is a talented fighter who is capable of fighting the likes of Blackbeard, Kizaru, Akainu, King, Queen, and Big Mom.


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He possesses the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, giving him the power to transform into the mythical bird. The flames surrounding Marco’s body have healing properties, making them a valuable asset. He can also fly and reach places that are off-limits to most of the characters in One Piece.

17 St. Figarland Garling

Strengths: Haki, Swordsmanship

Figarland Garling from One Piece

St. Figarland Garling used to be the champion of God Valley. It is highly likely that he participated in the God Valley incident, which involved the Rocks Pirates, Marines, and Roger Pirates. He seems to have a broken sword hilt, implying that he fought against the Rocks Pirates. Many fans have even speculated that Figarland Garling was responsible for the scars on Whitebeard’s torso, but there is no evidence to back up the claim.

St. Figarland Garling is currently the leader of the Holy Knights, who are the peacekeepers in Marijoa. He seems to have enough authority to execute a Celestial Dragon. He has yet to show off his true abilities, but he will definitely be involved in the final war that will engulf the entire world.

16 The Admirals

Kizaru Creating Light With The Glint-Glint Fruit In One Piece

The Admirals are considered to be the biggest weapon of the Marines. The current Admirals are Kizaru, Ryokugyu, and Fujitora. Out of the three, Kizaru is the most experienced, but there is not a huge difference in their power. Kizaru possesses the Pika Pika no Mi, a Logia-type devil fruit that grants him complete control over light.

Ryokugyu and Fujitora joined the Marines after Akainu and Aokiji’s fight. Ryokugyu has the Mori Mori no Mi, which allows him to control all kinds of plant life. Meanwhile, Fujitotora has the Zushi Zushi no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit that enables him to control gravitational forces. All three Admirals are immensely powerful, and there are only a few who can stand up to their might.

15 Silvers Rayleigh

Strengths: Haki, Swordsmanship, Speed

Silvers Rayleigh from One Piece

Silvers Rayleigh used to be the right-hand man of the Pirate King. In his prime, Rayleigh was considered to be extremely dangerous. He was able to stop Marco’s attack with his finger, highlighting the difference in their strength.


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Despite being one of the oldest characters in the series, Rayleigh was able to injure Kizaru in a fight. He is well-versed in using Haki, and he is among the few characters who can use all three types of it.

14 Eustass Kid

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki, Endurance

Eustass Captain Kid Of The Worst Generation

Eustass Kid is the captain of the Kid Pirates, who were one of the main allies of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Wano Country arc. Originally from South Blue, Kid, and his crew made a name for themselves in a short period, and by the time they made their first appearance, the crew had a combined bounty of over 400 million berries.

Kid possesses the Jiki Jiki no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit that allows him to control magnetic forces. Normally Kid could only use his power on metallic objects, but after awakening his devil fruit, he could use it to turn a living being into a magnet. Kid is also able to use all three types, making him a very special character. Kid was able to take down Big Mom by collaborating with Trafalgar Law.

13 Trafalgar Law

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki, Stamina

trafalgar d water law

Trafalgar Law is a member of the Worst Generation and the captain of the Heart Pirates. He has been involved in almost every single arc since the time skip, which has helped the fans to understand his character better. Law possesses the Ope Ope no Mi, which is a paramecia-type devil fruit.

The devil fruit allows its user to create ROOMs in which they can freely control everything. By awakening his devil fruit, Law was able to improve his attacks further. While fighting Big Mom, his devil fruit ability came in handy. Furthermore, Law was able to hold off and injure Blackbeard, which is proof enough of his strength.

12 Sabo

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki, Ryusoken

One Piece - Episode of Sabo Bond of Three Brothers - A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will special

Sabo is the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army meaning he is only second to Dragon in terms of authority. Before consuming the Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo was entirely dependent on his Haki to defeat his opponents. So, he trained a lot to improve his Haki and he even created his own style of fighting, known as Ryusoken.

Sabo has a logia-type devil fruit, and it allows him to freely manipulate fire. While Sabo has not gone all out in a fight yet, he was easily able to hold off Fujitora in Dressrosa, and he also managed to rescue Kuma from Marijoa. Both these feats prove that he’s a very powerful character.

11 Kuzan

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki, Raw Physical Power

One Piece Kuzan Ice

Kuzan used to be a Marine Admiral, but left the organization following his defeat to Sakazuki in Punk Hazard. The battle lasted for several days, and changed the climate of Punk Hazard. After his departure, Kuzan traveled alone for a while before joining the Blackbeard Pirates. He is one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Yonko’s crew.

Kuzan was trained by Garp, which greatly improved his overall physical might. He also possesses the Hie Hie no Mi, which allows him to manipulate ice at will. Kuzan’s Haki is impressive and it allows him to fight against opponents who have an elemental advantage over him. He even managed to best Garp in a fight, although the latter was injured and outnumbered.

10 Sengoku

Strengths: Devil Fruit, Haki

Sengoku Fighting In His Buddha Form In One Piece

Sengoku is the former Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Under his leadership, the Marines managed to win the Summit War against the Whitebeard Pirates. Aside from his leadership qualities, Sengoku is also an incredible fighter.

He possesses the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a Golden Buddha. Sengoku’s transformed state towers over most humans, giving him a distinct physical advantage. Other than that, Sengoku is also able to produce shockwaves from the palms of his hands. These are strong enough to nullify any deadly attacks.

9 Monkey D. Garp

Strengths: Haki, Inhuman Physical Abilities

Monkey D Garp holding a cup in his hand

Monkey D. Garp is heralded as the “Hero of the Marines” because of his efforts in the battle that took place in God Valley. Even though Garp holds the position of just a Vice Admiral, he is stronger than most Marines.

He is the only Marine who ever managed to corner Gol D. Roger. Garp does not have any devil fruit; instead, he relies on his monstrous Haki. During his prime, Garp used to train his Haki by destroying mountains, and it is safe to assume that he is still capable of doing the same even now.

8 The Five Elders

Strengths: Devil Fruits, Immortality (Possibly)

One Piece - Five Elders Next To Akainu To Show Height

The Five Elders are considered by normal people to be at the very top of the World Government. For a long time, fans have been speculating whether they had any aptitude for fighting. Recently, in the manga, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, traveled to Egghead Island, which is going to turn into a war zone.


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With the strong characters on Egghead Island, it would be foolish for a weakling to go there. So, it is highly likely that the Five Elders are veterans. In addition to Jaygarcia Saturn’s possible involvement, another of the Five Elders has been seen holding a sword, which further implies that they are well-versed in combat.

7 Dracule Mihawk

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Haki

One Piece Dracule Mihawk at Marineford

Dracule Mihawk served as a Shichibukai, but after the system was abolished, he became a wanted man once again. Mihawk holds the title of the “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” which puts him in an elite bracket of fighters. He is one of the few characters who have a Saijo O Wazamono-grade weapon in their possession. Mihawk’s blade is called Yoru, and it is an all-black blade.

Mihawk used to be called the “Naval Hunter,” as he would ruthlessly hunt down anyone affiliated with the Navy. Mihawk was also rivals with Shanks, and the battle between the two shook the Grand Line. Mihawk has numerous feats to his name, and he is truly deserving of a bounty as high as 3,590,000,000 berries. Aside from his sword-handling skills, Mihawk also seems to have a great degree of mastery over Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki. It is said that nothing escapes his eye, which is an obvious nod to his Kenbunshoku Haki. So far, no character has managed to test Mihawk’s power, but it may not be long before he is challenged by his student.