All Mothman Equinox Rewards in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 features a wide range of events for players to experience. A simple look at the challenges section of the main manu reveals several daily, weekly, and gameplay-based tasks that offer a variety of rewards. While some of these challenges are relatively small, others offer a full narrative and playout much like missions.

The Mothman Equinox’ is one such event, available only as a limited-time seasonal event. This event is good for new Fallout 76 players, as it offers great loot for those just getting started. The game never does much to explain exactly how to begin this event, so this guide will show players exactly where they’ll need to go to complete ‘The Mothman Equinox.’


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How to Begin The Mothman Equinox in Fallout 76


‘The Mothman Equinox’ is a seasonal event. It will be available until Tuesday, April 16th.


‘The Mothman Equinox’ begins in Point Pleasant, on the western edge of Fallout 76‘s map. To begin the event, players will want to head to the roof of the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. There, players will meet Interpreter Clarence. Clarence is the quest-giver for The Mothman Equinox.


‘The Mothman Equinox’ runs every hour, so players wishing to complete the event should head into Point Pleasant at least a few minutes before the clock hits XX:00. When the clock hits the hour, there will be a game-wide announcement that the event is about to start. Players do not need to be on the roof to take part in the event, but Clarence will give players a general list of instructions.

How to Complete The Mothman Equinox in Fallout 76


Once ‘The Mothman Equinox’ begins, there will be a specific chain of events that players must successfully complete to finish the quest. While engaged in the event, some tasks may appear on their own, and some may appear concurrently. Here is a complete list of tasks in ‘The Mothman Equinox’

1. Destroy the Vines of Containment Around Each Pyre

  • There are three Pyres, each surrounded by a Vine of Containment. Destroying each vine is the first task players must complete.

2. Kill Cultist Prophets

  • There are six Cultist Prophets that appear after the Vines of Containment are destroyed.

3. Destroy Totems of Warding

  • There are 10 Totems of Warding spread around Point Pleasant. Players will have to destroy them all to move on.

4. Collect and Deposit Albino Radstag Blood in Blood Troughs

5. Light Pyres

  • Return to the three Pyres and light them.

6. Defend the Pyres

  • Players will have to defend attacks against each of the three Pyres. Enemies will come in three waves. This will be the final combat portion of the event.

7. Return to the Roof to See the Wise Mothman

  • The Wise Mothman will appear on top of the Mothman Museum. All Rewards will be given to the player at the end of the event.


Each section of ‘The Mothman Equinox’ is timed, so make sure to pay attention to the event status in the upper-right corner of the HUD.

All Rewards for Completing The Mothman Equinox

The rewards given for completing ‘The Mothman Equinox’ are tiered, depending entirely upon how many Pyres were left standing at the end of the event. Here are all available rewards:

One Pyre Remains (Bad)

Two Pyres Remain (Good)

All Pyres Remain (Best)

  • 40 Caps + 20 (First Completion)
  • 300XP
  • 5 Treasury Notes
  • 1 Legendary Core
  • Mothman Stein (100%)
  • Mothman Equinox Plan 1 (15%)
  • Large Goody Bag (100%)
  • 80 Caps + 20 (First Completion)
  • 600XP
  • 7 Treasury Notes
  • 3 Legendary Cores
  • Mothaman Stein (100%)
  • Mothman Equinox Plan 1 (50%)
  • Mothman Equinox Plan 2 (15%)
  • Large Goody Bag (100%)
  • 100 Caps + 20 (First Completion)
  • 800XP
  • 7 Treasury Notes
  • 4 Legendary Cores
  • 1 Star Legendary Item
  • Mothman Stein (100%)
  • Mothman Equinox Plan 1 (100%)
  • Mothman Equinox Plan 2 (15%)
  • Large Goody Bag (100%)

All Possible Mothman Equinox Plans:

Players will have varying chances of acquiring one or two of these plans. Which plans players receive is entirely up to chance.​​​​​​​

  • Chainsaw Skeptikill Paint
  • Cultist Adept Hood
  • Cultist Adept Robes
  • Cultist Backpack
  • Cultist Enlightened Hood
  • Cultist Enlightened Robes
  • Cultist Eventide Hood
  • Cultist Eventide Robes
  • Cultist Incarnate Helmet
  • Cultist Neophyte Hood
  • Cultist Neophyte Robes
  • Dried Wildflower Bouquet
  • Enlightened Lantern
  • Fluttering Moths
  • Fuzzy Enlightened Plushie
  • Fuzzy Mothman Plushie
  • Honeycomb Paper Blue Mothman
  • Honeycomb Paper Brown Mothman
  • Honeycomb Paper Green Mothman
  • Honeycomb Paper Red Mothman
  • Hoeycomb Paper Mothman Globe
  • Mothman Bug Zapper
  • Mothman Cultist Incense
  • Sacred Mothman Tome
  • Wise Mothman Throne

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