The Finals devs lean into studio name with the “best skins ever”

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Weapon skins are one of the best ways to customise your experience in an FPS game. Despite most selling character skins too, the wearer rarely gets to see them and they’re more for the benefit of your team and opponents. Whereas a weapon skin you will see throughout the match. The Finals also has its own store with new skins being added to the game regularly, and Embark Studios is set to release one of the best weapons skins ever seen in a shooter.

The Finals developers Embark Studios has created the “best skins ever” according to this Reddit post. The skins turn various weapons into wooden sticks, which immediately took me back to my childhood pretending that sticks were guns. 

Image via Embark Studios

In a Reddit post, players praised the upcoming weapon skins, with many noticing that the developers may have leaned into it’s studio name, with u/icnapple saying “Thank you EmBARK,” while u/YokaiX_X said “I’m boutta relive my childhood memories playing in the backyard.” 

No release date for the stick skins has been given yet, but we can expect them to hit the store soon and likely be available throughout the rest of Season 2. But, what use is one of the best skins seen in a shooter without weapons to put it on? In order to figure out what weapons to put it on, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals guides for the best light builds, best medium builds, and best heavy builds guides so you can figure out the right loadout for your play style.