Black Desert Mobile encourages new players to hop back in with return campaign

Make a fresh character at a higher rank thanks to the new Black Pearl Return campaign

  • Black Desert Online is the mobile version of the hit MMORPG
  • Now, they’re looking to tempt back lapsed players with new bonuses
  • By playing on the new Oasis server you can create a fresh character at your previous character’s power level

Black Desert Online is trying to tempt back-lapsed players to the mobile MMORPG with their new Black Pearl Return campaign. From Tuesday, April 2nd, to Tuesday, April 30th, you can join the new Oasis server if you’re a lapsed player and create a fresh character, on equal footing with other players, while also earning a 100% return on all black pearls.

And that’s not all, as the return campaign also comes at the same time as a major update to the game introducing a new season. Adventurers can now level up to 35,000 five times faster, with returning players able to create their fresh character at the same power level as their previous one, no matter the level. All players will also receive the Okiara’s Blessing Charm, there’s a new crafting recipe and special events running throughout the month of April!

Drawing them back in


One of the biggest obstacles to a player’s enjoyment of MMORPGs, at least early on, is the grind. And so it’s no surprise that Black Desert Mobile wants to bring back lapsed players by presenting them with a faster, easier way to get a character that was at their previous power level.

Of course, that may be cold comfort for those still languishing at lower power levels, but fortunately, this campaign also comes with an event to encourage people to stick around. Getting a boost up to level 35,000 power is sure to satisfy many who want to get stronger, and faster.

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