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The First Descendant is a thrilling action shooter where you take on the role of a Descendant, a warrior with special abilities to fight back a relentless alien invasion. Currently, The First Descendant offers 14 playable Descendants, ranging from powerful bruisers to healing allies. Each character has a unique skill set, which allows them to fit a specific role in your team.

While there are only selective starter characters to choose from, you can unlock other Descendants by progressing through the story campaign and completing missions. To help you decide which characters are worth grinding for, we’ve ranked them in this The First Descendant tier list.


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S Tier

The S Tier comprises the best characters in The First Descendant. These are the crème de la crème of Descendants – they’re powerful, versatile, and effective in most situations.


bunny the first descendant (1)

Bunny, aptly nicknamed “The Speedster”, is one of the fastest characters in the game. She deals continuous damage as she discharges electricity while running, making her an absolutely lethal Nuker.

The more Bunny runs, the more electricity she generates, eventually unleashing a shockwave that inflicts massive damage to nearby enemies. Bunny can also summon ElectroOrbs which allow her to Electrocute enemies on the move, eliminating the use of guns.


Ajax in his character trailer for The First Descendant

Ajax is a starterTank-class character, meaning he’s a frontline fighter focused on absorbing damage and protecting his teammates. Ajax’s main strength lies in using Void Energy to deploy Forcefields that can reflect damage and knock back enemies.

While he lacks a decent damage output on his own, Ajax’s shield bubbles can soak up damage and allow other teammates to strategize their next attack. This makes Ajax a must-have for taking on challenging bosses later on in the game.



TFD’s best Utility Dealer, Gley, is perfect for players who enjoy a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Gley’s power doesn’t come from energy; instead, she consumes her HP to enter a Frenzied state, which further increases her damage output while sacrificing even more health.

To counteract the health drain, Gley has abilities that allow her to regenerate HP by creating special Life Spheres by killing enemies. Besides this, Gley’s Increased Sensory adds an ‘infinite ammo’ buff for a limited time during her Frenzied state, which allows you to use powerful weapons without having to worry about low ammo.

Even though it seems
complex at first
, if you master Gley’s abilities, she can be a devastating force on the battlefield.


Valby The First Descendant

Valby is more of a Constant DPS character that excels at dealing continuous AoE damage to enemies. Most of Valby’s abilities are centered around water, and she can even Liquefy herself to swiftly move through enemies, making her difficult to target.

Valby can control the battlefield with her water manipulation and deal continuous damage by using her Bubble Bullet and Plop Plop abilities that create constant water puddles around her enemies. This makes Valby exceptional at crowd control.

A Tier

While they didn’t make the cut for the top tier, characters in the A-tier are still very strong and can help you grind through the early and mid-game Operations.


the first descendant lepic

Lepic is one of the three characters available when you play the game, and is a solid choice for a starter character. He’s a powerful DPS who excels at dealing high AoE damage with his guns and grenades.

Lepic’s main skill, Overclock, temporarily enhances his grenades and Overkill ability by adding burning damage over time (DoT) effect. This makes Lepic a crowd-clearing machine, capable of taking down large groups of enemies efficiently.

The only drawback is that Lepic needs to be equipped with the right module to boost his damage for boss fights,
making him mod-dependent.


jayber The First Descendant

A Utility-type DPS, Jayber breaks the mold of traditional characters with his ability to summon Assault and Medical Turrets. Assault turrets focus on high damage output and lay down a hail of fire on enemies, while the Medical Turrets provide healing support to Jayber and his allies – a truly rare ability that makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Jayber’s only weakness is his reliance on the Turrets, which take a lot of time to summon and don’t last long.


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yujin The First Descendant

Yujin is one of the best Support characters in TFD. As a medic, his job is to heal his allies and grant them beneficial buffs to help them out on the battlefield.

Interestingly, Yujin doesn’t directly heal his allies. Instead, he deploys and manages specialized drones that provide instant healing and buffs to nearby allies. The effectiveness of Yujin’s healing drones depends on the distance between him and his allies.

Unfortunately, Yujin might not be the best player for a solo run, due to his
limited damage output.


Enzo The First Descendant

Another Support character, Enzo excels at keeping his allies battle-ready by providing ammo and other supplies. He deploys drones that automatically replenish ammo for nearby allies as well as launch long-range attacks on enemies. Additionally, Enzo can activate an AoE Fire Support buff that increases the maximum ammo capacity of allies within range.

Since TFD is all about grinding for resources, Enzo is a valuable asset for any team, especially those that rely on heavy firepower. However, like Yujin, Enzo only works best in co-op play and isn’t suitable for solo lobbies.

B Tier

B Tier characters are decent choices but have some weaknesses and can only shine in certain situations.


Freyna in The First Descendant's release trailer

Freyna, a DoT specialist, uses toxic substances to slowly wear down her enemies. She can freely manipulate Venom and throw toxins to create a Toxic Swamp. Enemies who enter the Toxic Swamp receive constant damage and get inflicted with Poison and Venom-Soaked effects. These enemies can leave pools of toxic liquid on the ground, further damaging enemies who stand in them.

While her DoT is potent, Freyna might not be the best choice for situations requiring quick bursts of damage. Her effectiveness heavily depends on her ability to hit enemies with her projectiles.


Blair The First Descendant

Another DoT Dealer, Blair is a deadly chef who manipulates fire and inflicts Burn damage on enemies. He uses special dishes to unleash fiery attacks, like Blaze Up and Burn Taste, that deal damage and create fire zones on the battlefield – constantly damaging enemies who stand in them. The fire zones also boost his defense and critical hit chance, making him a well-rounded damage dealer.

The only problem is that Blair’s ability cooldown speed is really slow, which can leave you vulnerable to damage. Moreover, he has an extremely low HP, which makes him weaker than other Descendants.


Kyle The First Descendant

Kyle is a powerful damage-dealing Bruiser, who generates and manipulates magnetic fields to create a barrier, protecting his allies, and pushing back enemies. The shields allow Kyle to absorb Magnetic Force over time, which can detonate to deal damage all around him, resulting in a Magnetism Spurt.

Kyle’s shield and Magnetic Force conversion make him highly resistant to damage, allowing him to be the frontline of the team.

While he can inflict damage too, Kyle’s abilities require a pool of Magnetic Force to function effectively.


Esiemo The First Descendant

Esiemo, aptly nicknamed The Explosives Master, plays a distinct role as a Burst DPS who specializes in explosives. His job includes attaching bombs to enemies and detonating them at the right opportunity for maximum damage.

Esiemo’s active skill, Guided Landmine, allows you to place a landmine that flies to any enemy within range and attaches to it. These well-placed landmines can be effective in controlling groups of enemies. Additionally, his ultimate skill, Arche Explosion, allows you to charge forward, explode, and knock back enemies while removing buffs from them.

Esiemo’s main weakness is that effectively attaching bombs requires good aim and positioning, especially for single-target damage. Besides this, his vulnerability and lack of survivability limit his role.

C Tier

Descendants in the C Tiers are below average and are generally considered the weakest of them all.


Viessa in her character trailer for The First Descendant

Viessa, another starter character, embodies the role of a Debuffer and is a decent crowd controller. She’s good at controlling enemies as she uses the Chill to slow them down and freeze them in place.

While Viessadoesn’t have a high-damage output like other Descendants, her unique Ice Shackle ability stacks with each hit. This unleashes a powerful attack that creates Ice Spheres around her, which automatically seek out nearby enemies and damage them.

However, to maximize their potential, you’ll need to coordinate with teammates who can capitalize on the weakened enemies.


Sharen The First Descendant

Sharen is a Close-Range Dealer, who excels in melee combat, dealing massive critical damage with her electric blade and short-range strikes. Her core strength lies in her invisibility, which allows her to sneak up on enemies and unleash devastating surprise attacks.

The only problem is that Sharen’s effectiveness heavily depends on her abilities’ cooldowns. Besides this, her melee-focused combat only allows you to focus on a single target at once rather than dealing AoE damage.

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