December 4, 2023

Super Mario RPG just launched on Switch, and if you’ve been playing the game, then you’ve probably leveled up your characters once or twice. Or ten times. Either way, you might be wondering how to grind extra experience points and which characters’ stats you should increase when they do level up. We’ve gathered all this information and more in our Super Mario RPG level up guide. There are light spoilers ahead, including a small reference to the game’s final area and all of the game’s party members, but nothing else too major. Keep that in mind before you continue.

Quick level up guide

Super Mario RPG Level Up Guide

You could just stomp enemies over and over again, but there’s a better way to go about it. When you’ve reached Seaside Town, you can find one of the Frog Sage’s students on the second floor of one of the houses. He sells an Exp. Booster item, which you can equip on a party member as an accessory. Regardless of your position in the story – whether you need to grind up to face a boss or just gain some levels postgame – you’re definitely going to need this item. You do need Frog Coins to purchase this item, however, so make sure you’ve got plenty of them.

Without going into too much detail (for the sake of spoilers), the best enemies to level up on during the postgame are the silver-looking ones in the final area. They’ll definitely help you out if you’re looking to challenge one of the game’s new boss rematches.

Best stats to increase for each character

super mario rpg level up guide

Next up for our Super Mario RPG level up guide is picking stats to increase. When your party members do level up, you’ll have the opportunity to pick one of their stats to increase. You can increase physical attack and defense, HP, or magic. Though you can set up any party member however you like, each one has sort of an “intended purpose”, and you can advance their intended purpose by consistently picking the same stat to level up.

Mario is a physical attacker, so your best bet is to increase his physical damage. HP works too, but he’s one of the team’s heavy hitters and could certainly use the firepower. Mallow definitely wants a magic boost, as his best offensive spells do pack a punch. HP works here too, if you’d rather relegate him to more of a support position.

Geno absolutely wants a magic boost. He’s got tons of offensive spells by the time he’s reached a high level, and he’s generally too frail for HP to be worth your time. Bowser wants either physical damage or HP, though we’d recommend the former. The reason why we recommend physical damage for Bowser is because Peach is the party’s tank – boost her HP and equip her with the Lazy Shell armor and you’ll never have to worry about her going down. Peach is such a good tank, in fact, that you can safely invest in the party’s non-HP stats to compensate.

How far have you gotten in the Super Mario RPG remake, and how are you enjoying it so far? Feel free to let us know down below. We have even more guides for Super Mario RPG coming up soon, so stay tuned for those too.

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch. You can visit the official website here.

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