October 3, 2023

Roblox revealed today during a keynote speech at the Roblox Developer Conference in San Francisco that its platform will soon extend its reach to PlayStation consoles. This development is part of the company’s ongoing initiative to make Roblox available on a broad array of devices, which aligns with their overarching objective to facilitate a comprehensive experience for both creators and users.

Roblox emphasized its commitment to providing an optimized experience across various platforms. They stated that as new devices evolve and become available, the aim is to ensure that everyone using Roblox enjoys the best possible experience for their specific device. For developers, this multi-platform approach means that they can publish experiences once and immediately make them available to a global audience across all supported platforms.

Recently, the company opened up development opportunities for Roblox on Meta Quest. During the first five days after the opening, Roblox reported that it recorded over 1 million downloads of the open beta version. Furthermore, Roblox is set to become widely available on Meta Quest later this month. This availability is particularly noteworthy, given the rapid download rate observed during the open beta stage.

In addition to the expansion onto Meta Quest, Roblox Corporation also plans to upgrade its existing Xbox app. The upgrade will include an array of enhancements such as a new visual layout, frequent updates that include the latest features, improved content recommendations, and an overall enhanced user experience.

The forthcoming PlayStation console availability represents a significant milestone for Roblox. It brings the platform into millions of new households, significantly enlarging its potential user base. This move is described by the company as a “significant step” toward achieving their aim of making Roblox universally accessible across popular devices. And according to Roblox Corporation, the PlayStation release is not the endpoint; the company indicated that they have plans to continue expanding the platforms that support Roblox.

Thus, the announcements at the Roblox Developer Conference in San Francisco underlined the company’s strategic focus on multi-platform availability and an improved user experience, all while continuing to engage a global community of creators and users.

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