September 29, 2023

Roblox Blade Ball has deployed its Version 1.2 update, addressing several game elements such as abilities, cosmetics, and map additions, as well as implementing bug fixes. This update introduces changes aimed at improving the gaming experience, consistent with the game’s core elements of focus, timing, and strategy, where players navigate an increasingly fast homing ball. Need freebies for the game? Head to our Blade Ball Codes page for the most up-to-date list of them.

The Version 1.2 update introduces a new deal dubbed the CYBER PACK, offering cosmetics in line with its name. Alongside this pack, a new limited skin called CYBER THORN has been added to the game’s collection. The CYBER SCYTHE, a new limited weapon skin, also makes its debut.

Simultaneously, the game has introduced a series of new abilities for players to leverage. The abilities—WIND CLOAK, PHASE BYPASS, and PULL—add to the player’s arsenal for diverse gameplay. These abilities can be upgraded to better suit different playstyles, which ties into the game’s foundational elements of mastering skills and customizing appearances.

Moreover, a new map known as SAKURA TEMPLE has been added to the gaming environment. This new setting complements the existing ones, offering players additional opportunities to strategize and navigate through the challenges the game presents. The update also incorporates a new kill effect, MATRIX BLAST, which players can now add to their finisher effects.

Bug fixes constitute a significant part of the Version 1.2 update. Developers have resolved issues related to the ball’s speed, making sure it doesn’t escalate beyond intended limits. A multitude of minor issues affecting gameplay have also been addressed, although specific details have not been disclosed.

Here’s the full list of changes from the official Discord server:

  • Added CYBER PACK as a good deal with good cosmetics
  • New ability: WIND CLOAK
  • New ability: PHASE BYPASS
  • New ability: PULL
  • New limited: CYBER SCYTHE
  • New skin: CYBER THORN
  • New map: SAKURA TEMPLE
  • New kill effect: MATRIX BLAST
  • Fixed some issues with ball getting too fast
  • Fixed a ton of minor issues

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