December 10, 2023
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Infinity Ward is nearing a marvelous release in the form of Modern Warfare 3, and it’s recently announced all the game modes players will be able to dive into. However, it appears the community is not satisfied with the selection this time around.

Launch game modes have Modern Warfare 3 players angry

Game modes are the core foundation of any first-person shooter, but more than ever, Call of Duty, as the game thrives on these game modes to spice up the gameplay from time to time.

Over the years, we’ve seen fan favorites such as Hardpoint and Domination stay within each title, while others, such as Control and Capture The Flag, fall out of the focus of the developers.

Screenshot: Activision

However, Infinity Ward has now announced the following game modes will be playable at launch for MW3 players.

  1. Team Deathmatch
  2. Domination
  3. Search & Destroy
  4. Kill Confirmed
  5. Free-For-All
  6. Hardpoint
  7. Control
  8. War
  9. Gun Game
  10. Ground War
  11. Invasion
  12. Hardcore

This has caused a divide among players, due to the fact that game modes such as Gunfight and Capture The Flag are, once again, nowhere to be found.

X (Twitter) user, N1CKRICH, noted hilariously that they just “fell to my knees in the middle of GameStop because there’s no capture the flag.”

While other people have noted, “The fact there’s no Capture the Flag has honestly stripped a majority of my excitement to play this game.”

It’s certainly a highly contested topic, to say the least, and it does puzzle us into why these two game modes were removed from the game as they were widely popular modes once upon a time.

We could see Infinity Ward re-add these modes later down the line — possibly in future seasons — but fans are still livid that it was not a launch-day addition.

In the meantime, you can get up to speed with all MW3 news here.

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