Beat Galaxy to bring chart toppers like Yungblud into Roblox

The Universal Music Group teams up with Supersocial to bring Beat Galaxy to Roblox, where fans can indulge in music-themed gameplay in a groundbreaking music hub fuelling the discovery of new artists and songs.

Beat Galaxy kicks off today in the US, launching with pop-punk artist Yungblud at the helm. Other worldwide markets will follow soon. The experience promises more of the world’s most popular artists and labels to bring content and music in the future, making it a great music game for the platform.

The world inside Beat Galaxy is impressive, boasting a vibrant city setting with a 24/7 virtual club setting hosting themed takeovers for Universal artists, where fans can meet up and enjoy some tunes.

There’s also a ‘track runner’ rhythm game here, where players can compete to the sound of Universal music. The higher your score, the higher you can place on the leaderboard – while gaining ranks of Fame and rewards like cosmetics.

Beat Galaxy, as a pioneer music-discovery experience, has one of the largest official music catalogs on Roblox – which isn’t really surprising – and will only grow with time. The game is to be a future venue for live shows and themed pop-up stores for fans to enjoy and take part in.

We’re very excited to see where this Roblox experience goes and which artists will take to the stage. If you like Roblox games, then check out our lists of Blade Ball codes, Haze Piece codes, and Blox Fruits codes for some free in-game items.