December 4, 2023

Oh My Dog has been released today! This chaotic idle tapper is packed with bizarre lore and costumed canines which you enlist in combat against your fellow office co-workers. Nestled within this addictive adventure are plenty of on-the-(dog)-nose references to other media which I personally found amusing!

Canine Carnage!

You are the master, a simple office worker with an itch to escape. The Dog God heard your plea and manifested before you, encouraging you to pelt sandwiches at your co-workers. Throughout your office escape you meet the fellow worshippers of Dog God, who team up with you to unleash savage and cartoony attacks! 

There are a ton of widgets to explore within the game making it a little more interesting than just a level crawler. You can improve your team using acquired dog treats known as cookies, which count toward your overall combat power. Cookies, among other goodies, can be found within the 5 different chest tiers. Chests also contain Iron for kit upgrades, character shards for new unlocks and prestige, as well as whole new dogs! 

Prestigious Pooches!

What a mouthful (of cookies!). Oh My Dog also encourages a social aspect! You can become a part of a proud guild with other real-world players, chat, and exchange plots and tips! Let’s not forget the dungeons that challenge you through 10 levels of tricky boss-level fights. Each stage challenges how far you’ve come as a doge wrangler with bountiful rewards waiting!

Let’s not forget about those media references I mentioned earlier! After playing some of the game today I can say for certain my favourites are Strawhat, based on Luffy from One Piece, and Dragon Doll based on Young Goku from Dragon Ball. There are TONS of other familiar faces to meet from mega franchises such as God of War, Spongebob, Demon Slayer, and even Legend of Zelda!

You can check out the game over on the Play Store, if you download it today you can also enjoy the generous pre-reg rewards of a free unit! (Which is based on The Godfather, or Bruce Lee). We also have a code guide to get you started Oh My Dog Codes – Launch Freebies!. Don’t forget to check out some of our other news from today too! Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Supports Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen

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