September 29, 2023

With Lies of P releasing next week, NEOWIZ has ramped up the release of trailers. It revealed gameplay for different weapons and Weapon Arms and showcased some new areas. The newest trailer takes a different approach, delving into the game’s lore. Check it out below.

Presented as a journal written by an unknown individual, we learn that puppets have become deeply ingrained into Krat, the city players explore. A deadly disease also breaks out, mutating those it affects, and before long, the puppets mysteriously go berserk. There’s seemingly no stopping them until Geppetto proposes a solution (spoiler: it’s P).

How P can resolve the crisis affecting Krat remains to be seen, but he’ll follow a mysterious voice while searching for Geppetto. Throughout the story, there are many opportunities to lie, which can affect the ending. There are three endings, but the best remains to be seen.

Lies of P launches on September 19th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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