September 24, 2023

Looking for more information on REx: Reincarnated Ores? Join us as we venture deep into layers of the world to uncover some trivia and information on these fascinating Ores! In a game where Mining Ores is everything, surely you’d want to know all there is to the objective.

Step into this sandbox game… erm well, maybe more cave-box game, where you mine for precious and stunning ores. REx: Reincarnated is the Roblox game that’s all things mining! Unlock better pickaxes with unique abilities in your journey through worlds. Seek out the precious minerals and gemstones that range from a rarity of 1-in-25 to 1-in-a-million!

Want to get to work? Get your headtorch and visit the Official Website for more information and where to play! Looking for more Roblox games? Let us tempt you with our Peroxide Crystal of Artificiality Guide, or YBA Stands Guide.

REx: Reincarnated Ores

You’ve travelled far, and look, there’s some Solarite!

What Are Ores?

Ores are the all-important minerals that hide deep within caves and worlds. In REx: Reincarnated you take on different layers within worlds, where plenty of Ores are waiting to be discovered. Ores within REx vary in rarity, much like we see from real-world mining. However, the fun twist is the interstellar travel to uncover Ores unlike we have ever seen!

Ores, depending on the rarity, and world of spawning, will have very different price tags attached to them. Earning cash is crucial in REx to upgrade your trusty tools! Pickaxes carry a variety of abilities, so you’ll want to get seeking those high-seller Ores to upgrade.

How Rarities Work

Ores are assigned a tier depending on how hard they are to obtain. Some may also have specific conditions that need to be met for them to spawn. The current rarity tiers are; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Master, Surreal, Mythic, Exotic, Exquisite, Transcendent, Enigmatic, Unfathomable, Otherworldly, and finally Zenith.

When a player obtains an Ore of rarity Surreal or higher, the server will make a chat announcement to say who found it! More impressively, when Ores are found that are Spectral Transcendent, Ionized/Spectral Enigmatic and the higher tiers, a global announcement is made. Hopefully that helps you scale the rarity of some of these Ores!

Ionized And Spectral Variants

Every non-layer Ore within the game have three different variants “Normal”, “Ionized”, and “Spectral”. When spawned, each Ore has a chance of becoming a variant of its normal counterpart, which can be identified by its unusual colouring. The chances of this is also determined by an Ores rarity, which if you press the in-game Ore List, it will display the Ores and the chances of their variants.

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