How to unlock the secret Shadow Clive boss in FF16 Rising Tide

The Rising Tide is the second DLC for Final Fantasy 16, and with it comes players’ toughest challenge, as it includes a few of the game’s most challenging bosses yet. There’s even a secret boss in Rising Tide, and this guide explains how to unlock it.

Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide: How to unlock the secret Shadow Clive boss

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Players can unlock the Shadow Clive secret boss by achieving an S Rank on all stages in Kairos Gate and reaching the end. Kairos Gate is the newest addition to the Arete Stone, and becomes available after completing The Rising Tide questline.

Once you achieve an S Rank on all stages and reach the end of Kairos Gate, a short cutscene will commence, bringing you to the secret boss. Unfortunately, the secret boss is a letdown and is pretty much a reskin of the regular Shadow Clive you encounter in the main story.

How to get an S Rank in Kairos Gate

Getting an S Rank in Kairos Gate in Final Fantasy 16 boils down to executing combos, defeating enemies as fast as possible, not taking damage, and clearing a stage quickly. If you perform well in those five categories, and I mean really well, then you will receive an S Rank for your efforts.

It may sound simple enough, especially if you have played Final Fantasy 16 as much as I have (over 100 hours), but it really isn’t, and you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you continue to fail. Getting an S Rank on one stage is hard enough, but getting it on every stage in Kairos Gate for the secret boss is tough.

How many stages does Kairos Gate have?

Kairos Gate has 20 circles, otherwise known as stages. After each circle, you will have the chance to select an Enhancement or Boon. These will buff Clive, making him stronger for the next stage and increasing your chances of getting that S Rank. 

I recommend taking your time when choosing an Enhancement or Boon, as it can make a huge difference in how well you perform. The buffs they provide can really help you get closer to unlocking the secret Shadow Clive boss in Final Fantasy 16.

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