Helldivers 2 player suggests an improvement for the Exosuit Mech

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Helldivers 2 is one of the most chaotic games I have ever played, which also makes it one of the most fun. From its variety of weaponry, support Stratagems raining destruction down on your enemies, and spending up to 40 minutes serving cups of Liber-tea to every living creature on the map. As Helldivers 2 continues to be developed and has new content released, the community is also inspired with new ideas of what they would like to see in the game, and sometimes Arrowhead Game Studios takes note, and hopefully this is one of those suggestions that come to fruition.

U/Emord_Nillap took to Reddit to make some suggestions for the Exosuit Mech to make it modular and customizable. This would be a great way to make the Exosuit more viable and give it more of a use case across a variety of different missions, as well as make it more tailored for the individual player.

Image credit: Emord_Nillap on Reddit

The suggestion is that the Exosuit will be able to be equipped with two different weapons, and a combination of any of them depending on what level the player is, such as,

  • MG-360 Gatling Machine Gun unlocked at level 25
  • MLS-5x Rocket Pod unlocked at level 25
  • AC-8 Dual Autocannon unlocked at level 26
  • FLAM-50 Flamethrower unlocked at level 28

The Reddit user also gave some suggestions for presets including,

  • Crowd Control – MG-360 Gatling Machine Gun and FLAM-50 Flamethrower
  • Anti-Armour – 2x AC-8 Dual Autocannon
  • Not Recommended – 2x MLS-5x Rocket Pod
Four images of different mechanical robot designs from Helldivers 2 with labels: "crowd control," "anti-armour," and "not recommended.
Image credit: Emord_Nillap on Reddit

This would be great to make the Exosuit more unique to the situation, for example equipping two FLAM-50 Flamethrowers would make it great for Terminid missions where the Flamethrower thrives, or equipping the MG-360 Gatling Machine Gun and MLS-5x Rocket Pod for defense missions.

Other Helldivers 2 players gave some suggestions too, including u/-GiantSlayer- who wants to say a “Ballistic Shield attachment as well, replacing a max of 1 of the arms like a Heavy Devastator.” U/TheRealStubb also suggested “Some more support Stratagems and other things to flesh it out.”

The Exosuit has seen its share of issues in Helldivers 2 so far, and it isn’t completely fixed yet. There was an issue in which the Exosuit would hit itself with a rocket if the player’s camera wasn’t facing straight ahead. Due to the issues with the Exosuit, many players don’t use it as a Stratagem, I saw it used for the first time in my most recent session. It will be interesting to see whether Arrowhead Game Studios sees this post and whether it is something they will want to implement in the future. The developers are very in tune with the community, and even the CEO of Arrowhead posts and comments on the Helldivers sub-Reddit.

Whether something like this is added in the future remains to be seen, but whether it does or not the Automatons and Terminids still need eradicating. The latest Major Order calls for the Helldivers to kill a staggering two billion Terminids, so it is time to get to work. To ensure democracy is spread across the galaxy, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can build the ideal loadout to serve a sweet cup of Liber-tea to every enemy that stands in the way of victory.