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Can’t work out how to use your Reaper 2 Shikai? You need to hit a certain milestone! Plus, the Shikai you obtain might be a Mythical one. Read on to find out about the rarities, passives, and more!

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Obtaining Your Reaper 2 Shikai

Shikai is only available for Soul Reaper players! Once your character reaches level 5, you need to hold out your sword and hit P on your keyboard. This will then open up a pop-up window with dialogue options, such as “Speak to me” and “What is your name?”.

The third option is locked for those who are level 10! The name given by the sword will be your new Shikai, which will either be a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, or Mythical.

How to Use Shikai

When your Shikai is unlocked, you need to equip your sword and hold it out. Then, open up the chat box and type your Shikai into it! For example, “Zangetsu”, which then activates it. From there, you can wield your Shikai as you wish, and upgrade it! Take note that each Shikai falls under a specific rarity, with the rarest being Mythical. You can upgrade your Shikai with new skills and buffs via the in-game skill tree.

Shikai Drop Rates

  • Common – 50%
  • Uncommon – 34%
  • Rare – 12%
  • Legendary – 3%
  • Mythical – 1%

Common Shikai

  • Wabisuke
    • Passive: When you hit an opponent that is currently blocking, you give them the ‘Depress’ debuff. This is a debuff that reduces their overall movement speed and then allows you to use your Skill ability
  • Zangetsu
    • Passive 1: Receive a Greatsword, which has a larger range and a reduced attack speed
    • Passive 2: Sekiro’s DMG is buffed

Uncommon Shikai

  • Sakanade
    • Passive: Your C ability has a larger range
  • Sode No Shirayuki
    • Passive 1: Unfreeze your enemy by hitting them, which then deals additional DMG
    • Passive 2: You can ignore an opponent’s block when Freezing them

Rare Shikai

  • Shinso
    • Passive: Your range is reduced
  • Benihime
    • Passive: Protect Bullets break through an opponent’s block and Protect Shield Bullets deal additional DMG
  • Katen Kyokotsu
    • Passive: Horizon Slash receives a giant boost, with the range increases, a double-hit, and the stun time is reduced. Also, your Tag skill remains active for a longer period of time!
  • Senbonzakura
    • Passive: Your X ability gets a DMG boost and your Z recharges faster, deals more DMG, and has a larger range

Legendary Shikai

  • Tenken
    • Passive: We’re still testing this Shikai out!
  • Ichimonji
    • Passive 1: Use ink to attack your enemies
    • Passive 2: When you get ink on your enemy, you can hit B to prevent them from using their skills for a short while
  • Hyorinmaru
    • Passive 1: M1 attacks are faster and your overall walking speed is increased – even if you’re walking across ground that is frozen
    • Passive 2: If you manage to inflict Freeze onto the limbs of your enemies, this will apply a DOT to them (damage over time)
    • Passive 3: You can freeze enemies with your skills, particularly their limbs, which is signified by blue or red arrows depending on how many limbs you have managed to freeze
  • Nozarashi
    • Passive 1: Your DEF is increased, reducing the DMG you take by 15%
    • Passive 2: When you transform, you are given a sword, providing you with greater range. However, your M1 attack becomes slower and your air combo is no longer available

Mythical Shikai

  • Kyoka Suigetsu
    • Passive 1: Performing Hmph and Nice Try successfully will regenerate your Reiatsu 3x faster, plus your DMG is increased by 30% for a total of 15 seconds
    • Passive 2: Nearby enemies will receive the Hypnosis debuff when you activate your Shikai – your DMG is increased by 5% per Hyponotised enemy
    • Passive 3: Your Reiatsu regeneration speeds up when your Shikai is active
  • Ryujin Jakka
    • Passive: Your M1 attacks have a 60%+ chance (skill tree upgrade) to inflict the Burn debuff