Destiny 2 Doubling Down on Customization With Into the Light Is Huge


  • The Into the Light update for Destiny 2 is addressing long-standing player requests with new customization options and features like the horde mode “Onslaught.”
  • Players can now change their character’s appearance and name, including the highly anticipated addition of an all-black shader, Superblack.
  • These new customization features are a promising start for Destiny 2 as it heads towards the Final Shape expansion, providing a renewed sense of excitement for the game’s future.

Destiny 2 has received its share of criticism over the last year, with most of that criticism being directed at the game’s lack of innovation, overuse of recycled content, and unwelcoming new player experience. However, the recent Into the Light update appears to be off to a good start, as it’s offering several features fans have been requesting be added to the game for some time now. Into the Light was originally touted as a way for both new and veteran players to prepare for Destiny 2‘s upcoming Final Shape expansion, and Bungie is ensuring it remains faithful to that claim by providing a few features aimed at helping players of any experience level get off on the right foot.

Into the Light has introduced a host of new content to Destiny 2, including a new horde mode called “Onslaught” that is already proving to be a favorite among the community. In addition to the new activity, some old weapons and exotic missions have made a return, some long-awaited changes to the sandbox and PvP have been made, and new PvP maps have been added. Despite all of these new and exciting features, however, some of Into the Light’s best features involve character customization and a brand-new shader that the Destiny 2 community at large has been requesting for years.


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Why Into the Light’s New Customization Options Are a Big Deal

Into the Light Allows Players to Change Their Name and Character Appearance

One of the biggest strengths of Into the Light’s customization options is the opportunity it gives players right off the bat to change the appearance of their character. While the update won’t allow a change of origin, players can still customize everything else about their character’s appearance, from their body type to their hairstyle. This is a welcome update to the game, as it has been at the forefront of player requests for quite some time.

Alongside the opportunity players will have to alter their character’s appearance, they will always have a chance to change their name. This isn’t the first time Destiny 2 has offered players a free name change, but it’s more than fitting this time, especially as Into the Light is meant to be accommodating to new players. Upon logging into the game for the first time from here on out, players are given the option to change their character’s appearance and their name, both of which are long-awaited features.

Into the Light Finally Gives Players Access to a Long-Requested All-Black Shader

Although Into the Light’s character customization features are a huge addition to the game, nothing else about it may be able to compete with the addition of the all-black shader, Superblack. It can’t be overstated how much players have requested an all-black shader be added to Destiny 2.

In fact, it may be one of the most requested features to date. Bungie has added other shaders to the game in the past that have made serious attempts at providing an all-black appearance, but most of those shaders have been criticized for including other random colors in the mix. Into the Light finally incorporates a true all-black shader into the game — an addition that is hopefully just a sign of things to come for the longstanding MMO.

Destiny 2‘s Into the Light update is already off to a great start with the new features it has added to the game, but its new customization options are some of its best. Into the Light is arguably Destiny 2‘s last chance to redeem itself before The Final Shape launches in June, so these customization features are a good sign of where the game is headed.

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