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Waltz on over to the Hades RNG Roblox page to start collecting your badges! This guide mentions a few topics that we’ve written about, like our Hades RNG Pray guide, our Hades RNG Gwa Gwa guide, and for something different, our Hades RNG Cheatreal guide.

Hades RNG Badges

If you enjoy collecting Roblox badges, then get ready for the Hades RNG grind! Let’s take a look at how to obtain each and every badge in the game so far.

Played Hade’s RNG

I probably don’t need to explain this one, but for the completionist’s sake, I’m going to include it! This is by far the easiest and most obtained badge to collect in Hades RNG.

You earn this badge instantly once you load into the game for the first time. Everyone who has entered the game at least once, even for just a minute, has this badge in their inventory.

I’m Cat Badge

Almost as easy as the first badge! All you need to do in order to obtain the ‘I’m Cat’ badge is obtain your first Gwa Gwa. You can do this by exploring the in-game match in search of a round orange cat on the ground. Pick it up to get the badge and then you can use the Gwa Gwa in crafting or to expand your storage!

Highest Cooker

Have fun getting this badge, as you need to roll a total of 50,000+ times. That’s a lot of clicking! Luckily, you unlock the Auto Roll feature after rolling 500 times, but that still takes a while.

If you want to speed up your rolls, you can purchase the gamepass for 100 Robux. I recommend going with the first option though, as it’s not that difficult to do 500 rolls – it’s just a little time-consuming is all!

The Auto Roll feature makes rolling a lot quicker, especially if you need to go AFK for a short while. Plus, you can choose certain options that skip through auras that you don’t need.

Lucky! Badge

To obtain this badge, you’re required to find an item called Pray. However, that’s not all. The Pray item gives you a luck boost between 1 and 777, but it’s random every time. For the Lucky! badge, you must get a luck boost of 777 when using Pray. You can pick up the Pray item by finding them scattered across the map!

WHAT. Badge

Okay, now you need to get a luck boost of 776. If you thought 777 was a rare one to get, you’re going to need you’re own luck with this 1 in 776 chance by using a Pray item. The name of the badge is definitely the feeling you get when you’re one number off getting the maximum luck boost!


Similar to the Lucky! badge and WHAT. badge above, you must find and use a Pray item. However this time, you need to get a luck boost of 666 instead of 777. The badge name makes sense now!