Fortnite players have the weirdest complaint about Chapter 5

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We’ve been battling the gods in Fortnite for the past few weeks and players have the weirdest complaint about Chapter 5 Season 2! Mostly, the additions for Chapter 5 Season 2 have gone down well. Olympian bosses, new weapons, and updated locations and POI have given a fresh face to the game once again.

However, fans of the game will always find something to complain about, and we can’t blame them on this one. Sure, it might be a bit of a niche issue, but it affects enough of us that we can fully relate! So, what do Fortnite fans want to see changed now? Read on to find out.

Fortnite needs to re-load

We’re loving the latest season of Fortnite! Taking on Zeus, Ares, Hades, and Cerberus to earn their medallions and gain their special abilities feels great.

Despite our enjoyment of the new gameplay, there is still an ongoing issue that many are having problems with. To be honest, we totally agree with this Fortnite complaint!

As pointed out on Reddit by u/VirtuesLastSenpai: “I am so tired of this loading screen”. They go on to say, “Seriously the music is super annoying and tries way too hard to be serious, and it doesn’t go with the annoying kiddy characters like that ugly pink bear thing, ugh.”

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We’re bored of seeing this screen pop up every time we want to jump on the game. Why hasn’t Epic Games thought to update it yet? As pointed out in the comments, updating the images of all the game modes with the latest inclusions would surely catch the eye of players who wouldn’t normally change from the usual Battle Royale.

Yet, the image doesn’t seem to be the most infuriating aspect of loading into Fortnite. No, that has to go to the audio! u/EconomicsRealistic68 sums it up by saying “[F]ortnite is a close 2nd for being the reason I need hearing aids at 30”. Come on Epic, why is the music so damn loud on the loading screen?

You’d think that adjusting your settings so the music is at 0% would sort this out. However, that only works for PC players. Settings adjustments for those of us on consoles only kick in after you log in, after the loading screen.

As we said, the complaint is niche. But, when you have to deal with it every time you load up Fortnite, it can quickly become an irritant! Please, Epic Games, listen to the community and sort this out.

Although it won’t help with the loading screen, you can check out our guide for the best audio settings in Fortnite so you can hear every little detail. Pair this with the best Fortnite controller settings or best keyboard and mouse settings and you will tear the opposition apart.