How to Get and Farm Hay in Coral Island

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In the early days of Coral Island, acquiring hay was as simple as constructing a Mill. However, those days are long gone, and obtaining food for animals has evolved into a more complex—and costly—undertaking. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the primary methods for obtaining hay in the current version of the game, which include collecting it as a drop, cultivating it on your farm, and purchasing it from merchants. Here’s everything you need to know about hay, Coral Islan’‘s practical herbaceous plant.


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Where to Find Hay

growing grass to craft hay on your farm in coral island.

Hay can be obtained as a random drop from tall grasses scattered across the island. To locate hay, search for clusters of grass. Once you’ve found the resource, use your scythe to harvest them, granting you a chance to obtain processed hay. It’s important to note that the drop rate is RNG-based, meaning there’s no guarantee that cutting grass will yield hay or fiber.

How to Farm Hay

the dehydrator in coral island.

For large-scale hay farming, acquire multiple Dehydrators. Each Dehydrator has the capacity to process ten different items simultaneously, yielding one hay per couple of fibers. To utilize this machine effectively, fill it with collected grass (fiber) and allow two hours for the process to complete, resulting in ready-to-use hay.

How to Purchase Hay

where to buy hay in coral island.

Hay can be purchased from Jack’s Ranch for 30 Coral Coins each. Considering that each animal consumes one hay per day, you’ll need to spend 900 Coins to feed an animal for one season. This method proves to be the most expensive way of acquiring hay and is recommended only when no other options are available.

How to Produce High-Quality Hay

Coral Island laboratory

Before processing fiber, enhance the quality of hay production in the Lab. For a reasonable fee, Ling can upgrade the hay quality on your farm, transforming all your animal foods into a superior product. The good news is that this upgrade affects both in-progress and stored hay, ensuring an overall improvement in quality.

Feeding farm animals with quality food will result in better item production.

Best Hay Alternative


If you prefer not to invest in producing or purchasing hay, a good alternative is to feed your animals with grass. Simply visit the island’s general store and purchase Grass Starters. These seeds will grow into grass, which your animals can feed on.

However, note that this method is not a viable option during wintertime. In the cold season, farm animals prefer to remain indoors and consume hay rather than venture outside to find fresh grass.

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