Diablo Immortal releases trailer for Tempest class ahead of its release next week

  • New documentary released to showcase the class’ skills
  • Eighth class to join the ARPG
  • Will release on May 23rd

The anticipation keeps building as we get closer to the launch of Diablo Immortal’s latest class, Tempest. First introduced last week, Tempest is the eighth class to join the ARPG and is capable of controlling wind and water. With just a few days to go, now’s the perfect time to showcase a documentary on the new class.

You can find embedded below a trailer that displays what the Tempest class offers to the world of Diablo Immortal. The Tempest class stands out as a warrior-priest archetype, expertly manipulating the elements to dominate in combat. Designed for high mobility, they combine quick melee strikes with ranged attacks using knife-tipped whips. These warriors also wield powerful AoE attacks and summon Zephyrs to aid in battle.

This ability to project Zephyrs is really interesting as it’s a passive one that allows you to constantly summon beings to help you when fighting. They will mirror your class skills and operate on a cooldown. One of the most exciting aspects of the Tempest is the Zephyr Summon skill. Being a movement-based class, this ability is pretty advantageous to Tempests and boosts their resourcefulness.

If you’re more interested in the lore front, then you can also play the class intro quest that takes place north of the Dreadlands, in the storm-ravaged empire of Pelghain. As a Tempest warrior, your mission is to rescue an island engulfed by mists to unveil the truth.

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Meanwhile, the Paragon System, which was thought to be intricate, has been simplified. The rework aims to make it more accessible and flexible, allowing you to better tailor your character’s abilities. All progress made on Paragons so far will be retained, and you’ll now have the freedom to choose any combination of 15 skills per Paragon tree.

The Tempest class will release in Diablo Immortal on May 23rd.