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Type Soul isn’t just a game about combat: it’s a game about community, too. If you want to better communicate with the other members of your Faction, then my Type Soul Emotes guide is for you.

Type Soul is a Bleach-inspired Action RPG on the Roblox platform. It’s a game all about growing stronger and taking on tougher foes, supporting your chosen Faction all the while. Emotes may seem like a frivolous part of the experience, but they can be excellent tools for communication, and satisfying to boot. Read on to learn all about them.

You can check out Type Soul via Roblox right now. For more on the game, give our Type Soul Raids guide and our Type Soul Shikai tier list a look.

Complete Type Soul Emotes Guide

The following is a full list of every Emote available in Type Soul. To perform these Emotes, simply type ‘/e’ followed by their name into the in-game Chat bar and press enter. Note that these Emotes are case-sensitive, and won’t work if you stray from how they’re written below.

  • cheer – A small jump into the air, arms raised in joy.
  • dance – A kind of Gangnam Style-esque dance. Lasts until you move your character.
  • dance2 – A dance where your character moves from side to side and moves their arms like a wave.
  • dance3 – A dance where your character shakes their hands in the air while hopping up and down.
  • sturdy – A high-energy breakdancing routine.
  • wave – A single wave of the hand. Great for quickly signalling to team mates.
  • laugh – A quick laugh, where your character covers their mouth.
  • rest – An Emote where your character sits down on the ground in an angsty pose. Lasts until you move.
  • rest2 – Your character sits down with their legs stretched out. More neutral than the original rest.
  • rest3 – A squatting move, with both hands in the air.
  • rest4 – A cross-legged sit, with your hands in your lap.
  • cry – A squat with your arms crossed. Strongly resembles someone breaking down in tears.
  • caramell – A dance inspired by popular song Caramelldansen.
  • warrior – A martial arts blocking stance, with both hands in front.
  • freestyle – an energetic dance routine.
  • kneel – A simple one-knee kneel, with head bowed.