December 4, 2023

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No game arguably comes close to Fortnite when it comes to providing its community with a selection of mainstream and unique character skins. The newly introduced Invincible and Omni-Man superhero cosmetics are proof of just that. However, the high bar that Epic Games has set when it comes to delivering aesthetically pleasing character designs can sometimes lead to unfairly high expectations, which is exactly what happened upon introducing the latest batch of skins.

Like past patches, the most recent Fortnite update 27.10 brought the game’s community several goodies, including a new set of cosmetics. Though the previously mentioned Invincible crossover has predictably been welcomed with open arms, some of the other designs haven’t been as well received as their counterparts. This is mainly because instead of introducing a “secret skin” like Epic Games did in OG Fortnite, the community merely got a shinier remake of older cosmetics.

For those unfamiliar, the “disappointing” skins players refer to are the Time Breaker batch of cosmetics, consisting of sleeker Super Styles for Renegade Lynx, Omegarok, and Lil Split. Though admittedly more eye-catching than their regular base designs, these were evidently not what players had in mind, as one Redditor even called these new outfits “worse [than] the original skins.”

Of course, some had already been disappointed with cosmetics introduced in the past, which is why another player pointed out that this isn’t “entirely an “Epic bad” problem” but “more of a don’t get so hyped up problem” instead. Unfortunately, the potential and promise that each new update and season brings is enough to get any fan excited, so learning how to temper one’s expectations may be easier said than done.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that players won’t be looking to add these skins into their locker any time soon. But if you’re looking to add more to your collection, take a look at our guides on how to get the Lewis Hamilton skin in Fortnite, how to unlock the Runway Racer skin for free in Fortnite, and how to get the Infinite Drift Pack in Fortnite instead.

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