September 29, 2023

Hungry for some Block Eating Simulator Codes? We have the feast for you! We have sniffed out all the delicious codes available in Block Eating Simulator right here for you!

Is your appetite missing something? Ever thought blocks looked tasty? Well, I have the perfect game for you! Block Eating Simulator is the effortlessly perfect simple Roblox game inspired by .io, where you munch on smaller blocks to increase your size and then profit from your behemoth body. Use coins to unlock new perks, get pets with multipliers, and of course, devour your way to leaderboard victory!

Starved for entertainment? You can play the game on the Roblox App, where you can also learn more about the game.

Block Eating Simulator Codes

Chew on these!

Active Codes

We will format these codes as [CODE – Reward]

  • 25KLIKES – 25k coins, 25k size, 1 revive
  • JOINED – 100k coins, 100k size, 3 revives

Expired Codes

Uh-oh, these codes are no longer active.

  • Seems there’s nothing here, maybe someone came along and ate this part of the page?

How To Redeem Codes In Block Eating Simulator

Upon launching the game open up the codes icon located snug in the corner of your playing screen. Enter the codes provided and redeem them. Tah-Da! You now have some awesome free rewards to give you that upper hand on the other players within the server.

When Do We Check For Codes?

We check routinely for new codes to make sure you always have something relevant to benefit from! Eating up new codes is always fun after all. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be the next block you devour if I didn’t have the goods.

Free UGC?

That’s right, Block Eating Simulator is also dropping a FREE UGC later today! We don’t know what challenges will be entailed for the UGC to be obtainable, however, all things good in life are free right? From the looks of it, the UGC will be a fun purple and blue Valkyrie. Be sure to load up the game when the update lands to secure yours as the UGC is limited in quantity.

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