September 24, 2023

2K, the developers of NBA 2K24, are driving PC players away from the franchise, or so fans of the game claim.

With a release time just around the corner, most fans of the game are gearing up for another year of fun in MyCareer and other game modes. Sports games are heavily geared towards console players, and with the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox allowing for much more advanced gameplay and mechanics – somehow, PC players have been forgotten in all of this.

With doubts that NBA 2K24 is going to be Next Gen on PC having seemingly been confirmed recently, there’s been a pretty mixed reaction from the PC Master Race crowd. This news means that PC players won’t be able to play alongside PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players in online modes, possibly due to the possibility of cheating and other regulation restrictions. This is, of course, mostly speculative and there hasn’t been official word that it is necessarily the reason, though we can make some educated guesses here.

Next Gen versions of the game will feature the exclusive ‘The W‘ game mode, which introduces the Women’s NBA to the game. However, those on last-gen consoles won’t be able to access this, let alone cross-play features.

With games such as Madden having already upgraded to Next Gen engines on PC, it seems as though NBA 2k24 PC players have been left in the dirt slightly. One Redditor is under the impression that the developers will only port the PC game to Next Gen “if that’s what the people are asking for,” despite the fact that fans have been asking for it for years. The original post was titled “2k really killing off their PC fan base,” really lending itself to the idea that the community are up in arms against how PC players are being treated here.

Other commenters have complained that they are “less than 48h [at the time of writing] from launch” and there is still no information on what builder the PC version of the game will have. Whether or not it’s a hybrid between NBA 2k23’s, or if it’s going to incorporate more of Next Gen’s features, is entirely up to chance until the official launch.

The only difference between iterations of the game being updated rosters seems to be the main fear that fans are harbouring, though some have adopted a more devil’s advocate stance stating that the community should “blame the PC modders who f*** up the online experience.”

However – one commenter sums up the argument pretty well: “[2K are] s******* all over the most powerful platform. PC should be the best version and can easily support 144+ FPS. But instead of that with cross-platform they give us” the last-gen version one instead.

With PC fans seemingly being rejected by the developers before NBA 2K24, players are only going to be able to wait until the game launches later this week. In the meantime, you might be interested in taking a look at the best monitor for NBA 2K24, not that you’re going to want to play the game on your PC anyway.

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