October 3, 2023

Image: Roblox

Prior to the cancellation of the Innovation Awards, a situation at the Roblox Developers Conference 2023 (RDC 2023) had attracted considerable attention on social media. An individual presumed to be the Roblox developer known as “Simbuilder” was reportedly arrested at the event. Simbuilder is primarily known for the creation of a game called Vehicle Simulator on the Roblox platform.

The circumstances leading up to this incident are somewhat unclear. On June 16th, Simbuilder had tweeted an intention to attend RDC 2023, despite rumors that they had not received an invitation to the event. The tweet read, “I’ll be at #RDC23, I’ve attended all RDCs since 2017 during my #Roblox Accelerator Program where #VehicleSimulator went from Free and Popular to immensely successful and brought so much freedom and opportunity to me. Never let people define you, always represent yourself!”

During RDC 2023, an individual alleged to be Simbuilder appeared at the event, donning a blue suit and cowboy hat.

A video later surfaced on Twitter showing this person being taken away by police officers. The video takes a startling turn as the individual appears to resist arrest, leading to a physical altercation with the police.

Although it is not yet confirmed that the individual in the video is indeed Simbuilder, there are similarities between the person in the video and images posted on Simbuilder’s Twitter account. The legal ramifications of this altercation remain uncertain at this time.

As details continue to emerge, the gaming community is left waiting to see how this unexpected incident will unfold and what consequences may result for the individual involved, alleged to be Simbuilder.

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