Teens Arrested Over ‘Damage’ to ‘Pride Progress’ Street Mural in Washington Because Everything Is Stupid – RedState

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Some left-wing city decided to paint a “pride” flag on the street and is now really upset that people are driving on it. 

It’s a story that seems to repeat itself every single June now, with the latest incident occurring in Washington State. According to reports, three teenagers were arrested and charged with felonies because they left scooter skidmarks on the “mural,” which is painted on a public road. 

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Three teenagers have been arrested after they allegedly vandalized a Pride flag-painted intersection in Spokane, Washington by leaving skid marks with the Lime scooters they were riding on.

Police received a 911 call about multiple people on scooters “causing damage to the newly painted Pride mural” on June 5 just after 9 pm, according to the Spokane Police Department.


Officers said the damage to the mural was “black scuff marks consistent with scooter wheels,” and that these marks were left across the mural. The mural had recently been repainted after a May 16 incident in which multiple people dumbed a liquid on the mural and set it on fire, according to KREM.

The very next day, the local news showed up to do a hard-hitting report on the supposed “hate crime,” interviewing some local LGBT community members who were deeply offended by the desecration of their holy symbol. That’s when two kids showed up on scooters and again left skid marks. The local reporter took to social media to decry the situation, posting a video of what transpired.

I’m no expert on how kids ride scooters, but that sure looks like they were just chasing each other. Bolstering that theory is the fact that they also left skidmarks on the regular sidewalk nearby. Still, I expect the police to be on the hunt and more arrests to be made. 

Here’s a tip for the City of Spokane and any other liberal bastion of like mind. If you don’t want people driving on your religious symbols, don’t paint them on the street. That’s exactly what this has become. “Pride month” and all the symbology that goes along with it has become a secular religion. It is held in higher esteem than actual religions. As flags go, nothing stands above the “pride progress” flag. Not even the American flag. 

Part of me thinks this is all a setup. These cities paint these “murals” on the street knowing that people will inevitably leave skidmarks on them because again, it’s a freaking street. They then get to cry about “LGBTQ+ hate” in the aftermath. It’s all very politically convenient. 

Lastly, compare the vigor with which people are arrested and charged for what amounts to driving on a road and so many other crimes that are charged as misdemeanors or go completely unpunished. It’s not an exaggeration to say you’re more likely to end up charged with a felony if you leave a skidmark on a street than if you punch an innocent person on a New York City sidewalk. 

It’s all so ridiculous, and it’s the fault of lazy Americans who didn’t speak up early on and say this is stupid. Stop treating “Pride month” like a holy sacrament and keep your murals on walls.