Otome visual novel Genso Manège heads west

PQube has announced a western release for the MAGES.-developed otome visual novel Genso Manege,

for Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch, though a release date wasn’t announced. The otome VN was originally released for Japan back in 2020.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

I will awaken the magic within you, and you will free us from the Rêve…

Set in a wondrously evocative re-imagining of France, a beautifully crafted otome visual novel following Emma, orphaned at a young age, as she fights to uncover her forgotten memories. A witch who lost her powers when young and now living a quiet life, Emma is led by the memento her father left her and finds herself swept away with the arrival of a travelling amusement park in town.

Filled with magic and dreams but holding a dark secret, Emma feels an immediate connection to the wondrous La Foire du Rêve. She discovers that hidden underneath the lustrous fairy-like charm of the park, its employees are trapped, bound to the amusement park and only the magic within Emma can free them. But it has been years since Emma has been able to access her magic, and she must dig deep within herself, navigating painful repressed memories, in order to recover it.

Working at the Rêve as she unravels the tangled threads of her forgotten past, Emma forges bonds with the employees of the amusement park. A cast of wonderful characters; the dazzling director Hugo, the stoic accountant Serge, the Tsundere Performer Crier, the kind-hearted rabbit Lyon, the Reclusive Mechanic Luciole, and Emma’s special childhood friend, Arnaud. Each character with their own crosses to bear, stories of tragedy and longing woven together with desperation, Emma builds deepening bonds of friendship, and maybe more, as she works to unlock her magic and their freedom.

With its gorgeously subdued artwork, radiating warmth and romance, Genso Manège is a dream-like otome fantasy with an outstanding visual power that conjures an unforgettably bittersweet tale.


  • Breathtaking Romance: 6 different male leads to sweep you off your feet, follow their character routes and uncover their secrets.
  • A Thriving Town: near the French border, this culturally rich location sets the scene for an unforgettably magical tale.
  • Dazzling Pastel World: expertly crafted characters and artwork paint a dreamy picture of romance and magic, making this a visual novel in every sense.
  • Magical Mini Games: utilise the Éveil System, an enjoyable game mechanic, woven into the story to help you recover Emma’s magical abilities.
  • Voiced Characters: unique characters brought to life by stunning voice acting allow you to experience first-hand the different personalities trapped in the Rêve.
  • An Unforgettable Tale: sweet and touching yet tinged with sadness, Genso Manège weaves a tale which is as happy as it is bittersweet.