Google incident report tied to previous Nintendo leaks

Nintendo leaks Google

According to a report from 404 Media, Nintendo was by previously impacted by leaked information obtained by a Google employee who accessed private YouTube videos. Google held an internal review and deemed that the activity was “non-intentional”.

404 Media says its article is based on “a copy of an internal Google database which tracks six years worth of potential privacy and security issues”. The thousands of incidents were actually reported by the company’s employees. The database covers a ton of other incidents as well, ranging from accidentally collecting children’s voice data to Google Street View transcribing and storing license plate numbers from photos.

As far as the Nintendo leaks are concerned, it’s unclear which announcements were impacted. The database report is based on incidents that took place between 2013 and 2018.

At least in recent times, many Nintendo rumors have been tied to Pyoro – a leaker who essentially has a perfect track record and tends to provide information about content in Nintendo Directs before they air (and more). However, despite speculation, the information Pyoro shares apparently doesn’t come from YouTube.

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