The Amazing Digital Circus episode 2 premieres next month

The second episode of the digital animated series The Amazing Digital Circus is set to premiere next month!

The pilot episode for the series premiered on the official YouTube channel for the animation studio GLITCH, who also produces other series such as Murder Drones. The first episode premiered back in October 2023 and managed to break 100 million views in less than a month (at the time of writing it sits at over 300 million).

The series follows Pomni, a young woman trapped in a digital world after putting on a headset. After entering the digital world, she finds she can’t take the headset off and is quickly losing her memories of the real world, only that it exists and she wants to escape. She encounters other characters who entered the circus under similar circumstances. The exception is the circus ringmaster Caine, who’s an artificial intelligence in charge of the circus.

Caine appears to be a well-meaning host for his human guests and regularly orchestrates “adventures” in order to keep them occupied and from going insane. When one of the circus’s human guests go insane, their digital forms “abstract”, becoming glitchy and mindlessly violent. It’s unclear what happens to their real body under these circumstances.

The second episode has the cast of characters venture to the “Candy Canyon Kingdom”, likely as part of another adventure orchestrated by Caine. You can check out the trailer below.

The series features popular indie voice actors such as:

  • Alex Rochon as Caine
  • Michael Kovach as Jax
  • Lizzie Freeman as Pomni
  • Sean Chiplock as Kinger
  • Amanda Hufford as Ragatha
  • Marissa Lenti as Gangle
  • Ashley Nichols as Zooble
  • and show creator Gooseworx as Bubble

You can check out the first episode for yourself here.

The Amazing Digital Circus episode 2 is expected to premiere on May 3.