Wuthering Waves – Now Live

Kurogames has announced the launch of their latest Action RPG, Wuthering Waves. Players who are interested in the game can now download the game from your local App or Play Store. PC users can also download the game client via the official website or Epic Store.

Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG with a high degree of freedom.


Like any other mobile ARPGs, the controls are simple and intuitive. You have a virtual D-pad on the Left of the screen and some skill buttons on the Right. Combat is pretty fast-paced and Players will need to react fast to dodge the enemy’s skills.

Personally, I feel that the game is better played on a PC as the world is pretty big and there are many areas for Players to explore and hidden objects for Players to collect. You’ll want a bigger screen so that you do not miss any of those items.

If you’re looking for a GI substitute, Wuthering Waves is definitely a good choice with a decent opening storyline, Waifus for collection and a big open-world to explore.

Kuro Games


Android Link
iOS Link

Official Site

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