Pokemon TCG Fan Gets Very Lucky With a Birthday Gift


  • Pokemon TCG fans collect rare cards through various means, like spending $150 on slot machines or receiving special gifts.
  • Recently, Reddit user violetlightbulb’s purchase of a Charizard EX card was followed up by a surprising discovery of another copy in the extra packs they got for their boyfriend.
  • The situation was certainly unique, and it is just one of many fun moments that have come from pack openings.

A lucky Pokemon TCG fan bought a Charizard EX card for their boyfriend, only to discover that a second copy of the same card was among the extra packs they got. Pokemon TCG pushes fans to build up card collections of their favorite, and because of this hunt to gather the best cards possible, Pokemon collectors have a variety of stories to share.

During a cruise, one Pokemon TCG fan spent $150 on a type of slot machine game to acquire a rare set of Pokemon cards that were up for grabs, getting a box worth more than double the amount invested. Another Pokemon TCG player got a special present from their grandmother, who gave them a set of rare blister packs from a Pokemon TCG collection released in 2002. A third Pokemon TCG player got a reverse holo Dark Blastoise #4 card, a rare find, at a garage sale. This time, a Pokemon TCG fan makes it onto the community’s list of standout stories because of a gift they bought, and the surprise that came with it.


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Reddit user violetlightbulb bought a Pokemon TCG Charizard card for their boyfriend and was surprised to discover the same card in the other packages they also got. The fan says they bought the Charizard EX card from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 set for their boyfriend for $130, as it was the last one he needed to complete the set. In addition to the card, they bought a few packs to give their boyfriend, but to everyone’s surprise, when the boyfriend opened his pack, he pulled out another copy of the same EX Charizard card.

Lucky Pokemon Fan Gets Two Charizard EX Cards in One Purchase

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 expansion was released last year and contains cards focused on first-generation Pokemon, including a rare Mew card. The set has 210 cards, and unlike other releases, they are ordered according to the numbering of the Pokemon in the National Pokedex. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 have 29 EX cards, a more powerful and rarer card type, with Charizard having three cards of this type in this collection.

The Kanto starters have 21 cards dedicated to them in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 collection. Although the card that violetlightbulb got isn’t one of the most expensive Charizard cards ever released, it has a beautiful illustration depicting the Fire/Flying-type flying very high near a volcano, showing the iconic Pokemon in its natural habitat.



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