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Our Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get The Champion Achievement guide walks you through the steps to obtain the Champion Achievement.

To become a champion yourself, visit the official  Roblox website. If you’re already a player, why not check out our Attack On Titan Revolution Defense Memories Guide and our Attack on Titan Revolution Titan Shifting Guide.

Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get The Champion Achievement

Let’s find out how to become a champion!

What Is The Champion Achievement?

In the game, there are a variety of different achievements you can unlock. You do these by completing a variety of different quests and side quests within the game, also giving you some great rewards when you complete one!

You can see your achievement progress by opening up the achievement page and looking at the bar under the specific achievement. It will show how much of the achievement you have, which is always handy to know!

All achievements require you to do specific tasks. Under each achievement is a small description of what you have to do to unlock it. Well… every achievement apart from the Champion. The Champion Achievement only says ‘???’, leaving it a mystery.

How To Get The Champion Achievement

Well… that’s still a mystery. Although I do have some ideas and rumours!

The Champion Achievement is the last achievement on the list, so I suspect you need to complete all other achievements first, as well as any other quests or side quests.

Some people are speculating you also need to be at the top of the leader board, which makes sense, as only the best of the best can be classed as champions!

It is common in video games for you to be rewarded when you fully complete the game, so that may be the case here. Try completing all tasks and unlocking all achievements, and that should open up the Champion Achievement.

When Do We Update Our Posts?

I know it’s a little disheartening to not know for sure how to unlock it, but we’ll keep an eye out! We’re making our way through the game too, and we’ll keep an eye out for any more information or updates. Make sure to check back to this post every so often to make sure you don’t miss anything.