Console Edition update out now, patch notes

Catan Console Edition update

A new update was just made available for Catan: Console Edition.

Support for 5 to 6 players in the same game is one of the main highlights, along with a few new playable characters. Elsewhere there are a few changes and a bunch of fixes.

Here’s the full rundown: 

Catan: Console Edition update patch notes


  • It is now possible for 5 to 6 players to join the same game.
  • 5 new playable characters have been added, namely The Shepherd, Farmer, Ore Miner, Brick Maker, and Woodsman!


  • The credits list has been updated.
  • The ‘Defender of Catan’ reward images have been updated.
  • The images for base game characters on Nintedo Switch will now be less blurry.
  • The ‘AddUser’ option in online games on Xbox consoles has been disabled.
  • The handling of network loss whilst in the main menu has been improved.


  • The game board will now be randomised between sessions, as intended.
  • All valid settlement locations will now be selectable after previously playing a game with Cities & Knights enabled in the same session.
  • The Barbarians will now no longer be active at the start of a game, when starting a new game after quitting the previous session during the Barbarian attack phase.
  • The ‘Waiting For Player’ action prompt scroll will now no longer appear and disappear whilst rejoining an online game.
  • Players will now no longer get stuck after being invited to another game, while being in a game lobby.
  • The game config window will now close as expected after accepting an invite to a game.
  • Players will now be able to choose which knights to defend with during Cities & Knights ‘Nasty Mode’ as intended.
  • AI players are no longer able to place settlements on knights.
  • Various spelling and grammatical errors in the localisation text have been fixed.
  • Various issues while joining a public game from the menu have been fixed.
  • Loading into a saved game shortly after starting a game now works as intended.
  • Helper cards will now be displayed correctly, after quitting and reloading while being asked to flip or exchange the Helper card.
  • The Ryan Helper card will now be displayed as intended.
  • Trade logs will now no longer be incorrectly displayed and stuck on the screen after leaving and re-joining a game while the trade dialogue is visible.
  • Users on local multiplayer games will now be remapped as intended when loading a game on Nintendo Switch consoles.

The Catan: Console Edition update is now available on Switch.