Wuthering Waves 1.0 banners – resonators, weapons, and rarities

The main way to get new resonators in Wuthering Waves is through the gacha system, although the available resonators will change over time. Upon launch, the 1.0 banners will have some exciting characters to pull from.

How do banners work in Wuthering Waves?

We have a lot of information about how the banners will work in Wuthering Waves.

It will cost one Radiant Tide to pull from the Convene Banners, which will let players pull for limited-time resonators. Naturally, getting these characters will be incredibly rare, and so there is a failsafe at 80 pulls, which will trigger the pity system.

You can pull ten times at once for a 20% discount, costing you only eight Radiant Tides for ten pulls.

Each Convene Banner will consist of four resonators – one of which will be 5-star rarity and will be the hardest to get. The 5-star resonator will likely not be as available from any other banner, so you’ll have a limited time to get your hands on them if you really want them.

As Radiant Tides will be difficult to get, you’ll ideally want to save them for the banner that has a 5-star resonator you really want.

For example, since the reveal of Jinhsi, many players are saving up their draws for the 1.1 banner that she’ll likely be a part of.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 banner

The Wuthering Waves 1.0 banner will have two phases, where the available resonators will change. With this information, you can plan accordingly to when you’ll use your Radiant Tides to pull a character you want.

1.0 banner phase one

Image: Kuro Games

Phase one of the 1.0 banner will be available as soon as the game launches.

Here are all the resonators in phase one of the 1.0 banner in Wuthering Waves, including their rarity, weapon, and type.

Resonator Rarity Weapon Type
Jiyan 5-star Broadblade Aero
Danjin 4-Star Sword Havoc
Chixia 4-Star Pistol Fusion
Mortefi 4-Star Pistol Fusion

Jiyan is one of the resonators I’m looking forward to the most, thanks to his awesome weapon and slick style.

The phase one 1.0 banner also includes these weapons:

  • Verdant Summit (Jiyan’s signature weapon)
  • Dauntless Evernight
  • Augment
  • Hollow Mirage

1.0 banner phase two

Yinlin Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Phase two of the 1.0 banner will run for a month, from June 11 to July 11.

Here are all the resonators in phase two of the 1.0 banner in Wuthering Waves, including their rarity, weapon, and type.

Resonator Rarity Weapon Type
Yinlin 5-Star Rectifier Electro
Taoqi 4-Star Broadblade Havoc
Aalto 4-Star Pistol Aero
Yuanwu 4-Star Gauntlet Electro

Many are looking forward to Yinlin, and if you want any chance of getting her, you may have to skip out on phase one and save your tides till the 11th of June.

The phase two 1.0 banner also includes these weapons:

  • Stringmaster (Yinlin’s signature weapon)
  • Jinzhou Keeper
  • Cadenza
  • Lunar Cutter

Now that you know exactly what to expect from the 1.0 banner for Wuthering Waves, you can plan accordingly. Just make sure you’re aware of all the resonators you can get for free!

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