The Finals fans think Embark delivered a secret nerf in last update

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Seeing as it’s usually a weekly occurrence, it’s assumed that there will be a new update for The Finals this week. Nothing has been suggested for what could be included yet, but fans always anticipate the weekly patches because of fixes, balance changes, and rotation to the item shop. While a new patch is anticipated, fans suddenly believe that a secret nerf was delivered in The Finals’ last update.

We only have a few more Season 2 updates before the expected launch of Season 3. Embark has teased the possible addition of a unique rank with accompanying skins, and we also know that we are set to get another new map. In addition, Embark has also teased ‘exciting changes‘ for Season 3 which is currently pegged to begin mid-June.

While we cannot wait for Embark’s next chapter, we still have a few weeks to wait. More updates should be delivered between now and the launch of Season 3, but, before we focus on anything new, fans are looking back to last week’s update as they believe the defibrillator was secretly nerfed.

The Finals fans believe the defibrillator has been nerfed

Some The Finals fans believe that the defibrillator was secretly nerfed in update 2.8.0. Taking to Reddit, user gordanramsmii asked the community if anyone else has “noticed it’s harder to hit defibs and now you have to be right on top of it to defib the person?”.

Elaborating, the OP stated, “I’m d2 and have been playing for a while and after the last update I’ve been missing my defibs more than usual. Not complaining if it’s meant to be this way I just never saw anything in patch notes about it”.

In the replies, users agreed with the OP’s sentiment. One user commented, “Yeah I’ve noticed defibs were changed a lot, my whole squad has been missing them non stop. I’m hoping they revert the change, as well as the ability to fully rotate when stealing/reviving”.

Another user commented, “Thought it was just me, I missed multiple defibs recently when I really felt like they should have hit”. There are more agreeable comments such as, “Last update changed it I’m pretty sure. Missed a couple defibs that I feel like must have a hit a patch ago”.

Lastly, in addition to the defib, one user commented, “They ‘changed’ jump pads too if no one noticed, you don’t jump nearly as far, honestly the patch probably bugged a bunch of stuff out is all”.

In the patch notes for update 2.8.0, there is no mention of any changes to the defibrillator. Without acknowledgement from Embark, it’s impossible to say anything that was changed for certain, but fans are under the impression that it was silently nerfed. But again, there’s no mention of anything in the patch notes.

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